Date: 28/06/2020


Please see how a certain country of illegitimate birth ** can earn notoriety instead of fame. Today Pakistan's new "export" seems to be Coronavirus instead of Terrorism.
The news is reproduced below from the widely read daily newspaper published from London, with worldwide circulation.
Saturday 27 June 2020 The Daily Telegraph, London
Pakistan singled out as the origin of half of Britain’s imported virus cases
Flight arrivals
Whitehall worried that influx of Covid from Asia may affect UK hopes for air bridges to Europe
By Charles Hymas
And Ben Famer

HALF of Britain’s imported coronavirus cases originate from Pakistan, The Daily Telegraph understands, amid calls for tougher quarantine checks on arrivals from ”high-risk” countries.
More than 65,000 people have travelled to Britain on 190 flights since March1from Pakistan, which is reporting 4,000 Covid-19 cases a day and has seen a new spike in the disease after easing its lockdown measures.

Most are thought to possess British passports.

Data from Public Health England showed 30 cases of coronavirus in people who have travelled from Pakistan since June 4, which is understood to represent half of the incidents of imported infection.
With up to two flights a day from Pakistan, there have been reports of some arrivals going straight to hospital and into intensive care. It has also been suggested that the influx has led to localised clusters.

Officials are understood to be worried it could lead to a backlash against Britain in Europe as the UK prepares to open air bridges.

Concerns that passengers from Pakistan were spreading the virus resulted in one of the world’s biggest long haul airlines suspending flights from the country this week. Dubai carrier Emirates suspended flights out of Pakistan after 30 passengers on a June22 flight to Hong Kong tested positive.
Etihad and Fly Dubai also suspended flights out of Pakistan.

This week, South Korea’s government temporarily banned most people from Pakistan and Bangladesh from entering after it recorded increases in coronavirus cases from those countries.

Ten cricketers from Pakistan’s national team who were expected to play three tests and three T20 matches over five weeks from July31in England this week tested positive for Covid-19.

British officials are understood to have repeatedly urged Pakistan to enact tougher controls on its flights as cases have grown.

Pakistan International Airlines, the national carrier, said it had been flying direct to and from the UK since early April. At first irregular flights were organised according to demand to repatriate British and Pakistani nationals, with up to a dozen trips a week, according to demand.

In the past week the airline resumed more regular daily flights to either London or Manchester.
A spokesman said passengers were screened in Pakistan with heat sensors and had to wear masks. Anyone recording a high temperature during screening was not allowed to board.

Officials estimate that at any one time there are 100,000 British nationals in Pakistan, most of them dual nationals.

MY comment: It seems that those with signs of coronavirus in Pakistan are keen to take the first flight out to England for free and first class treatment in British hospitals!

29 June 2020

** Lest the world forget,
Pakistan's birth as an ISLAMIC State in the post World War 2 world, that was rapidly moving towards Democracy based on Equality of Man, Dignity of Women, Tolerance and Secularism, was a very sordid affair.
Pakistan was conceded by unscrupulous, treacherous, selfish & intimidated 'third class' gutless natives (Gandhi and Nehru), who were concerned more with their own safety than with the integrity of India. They were out to please the Colonial masters and appease the Muslims at all costs, and had no time to consider the IMPLICATIONS of "mutilating" an ancient land of great civilization and spiritual heritage. They were easily bullied and blackmailed by threats of violence (massacres, even civil war) to surrender one third of India to the archaic beliefs and the Sharia Law of 7th Century Arabia.
The legend has it that a man called Jinnah raped the woman called Gandhi. The illegitimate child was called "Pakistan.
But it is NO legend but a FACT that the leader of Indian Muslims demanded PARTITION of India in order to take out vast areas where the Muslims were in majority.
India's top leaders then, MK Gandhi and JL Nehru, conceded the demand in order to prevent bloodshed. No referendum took place and no conditions were laid down in exchange for the vast territorial surrenders.
The result was the birth of Pakistan. The ancient land of great civlization was cut up into three fragments to appease Jinnah. Isn't that the most weird event in history?
It's also most weird because "Partition" is not taught in any school in Bharat nor does her Parliament ever mention the word!