Date: 04/07/2020

You have identified four evils harming India: CONGRESS, COMMUNIST, CHRISTIANS & NOW CHINESE PRODUCTS

Your 4C's are perfect. But the list of "deshdrohis" (traitors) is not complete without "M".

CONGRESS, COMMUNIST, CHRISTIANS & NOW CHINESE PRODUCTS make your poetic 4Cs very convincing. But please notice the absence of the deadliest of them all in this list.

Basically most wars are for LAND. All the FOUR mentioned by you have not captured any LAND of Bharat except the Chinese.

Please compare the LAND captured by the Chinese with the LAND captured illegally (without logic, reason, reciprocal condition, or referendum) by the INDIAN Muslims, that is now called "Pakistan"! Furthermore, Chinese goal is not Delhi (nor the Hindu girls and women) but Islamic goal, it most certainly is!

Hence I submit, even if I disturb the soul of MK Gandhi or annoy 300 MILLION Muslims still in Partitioned India in direct VIOLATION of the stipulation of "TRANSFER OF POPULATION", to add "M" for MUSLIMS to your List.

Lok Sabha may not mention "Partition" and UNO couldn't care less whether Multan and Mymensing are in India, Pakistan or Bangladesh but under the inspiration of Sri Krishna and Sri Raam, and sticking to RIGHT as against MIGHT, there has to be "M" added to your List unless the MUSLIM AGGRESSION of 1947 is invisible to you, or has conveniently slipped out of the unconscious nation's memory.

Please rest assured, any patriotic Muslim in Bharat who puts "AKHAND BHARAT" above "Broken Bharat", will fully agree. In fact, seeing our fervour, they may also unite and rise with us in order to achieve the impossible. Why should we, small and scared individuals, here today and GONE tomorrow, put an END to that possibility, obliterate that Vision?

Today (4 July 2020) is America's Independence Day. God willing there will also be the Independence Day for occupied Lahore and East Bengal.

Nation's strategic goals do not depend on the capabilities of the weak, the confused and the intimidated, but can stay on, in collective consciousness, for one decade, one century, even one millennium.

And please let us raise the flag of "Akhand Bharat" though we may not lift a finger beyond that act!

The Jews waited for TWO THOUSAND years for their ISRAEL. We may not have to wait even for 50 years the way Pakistan is decomposing, fracturing and perishing and her "Muslims" are fleeing in their millions in all directions, to all countries on earth - from New York to New Zealand.

Millions of starving and frustrated Pakistanis are leaving their Islamic Republic for the sake of safety and security. Their wives and children wait for years before getting visa to join them in the West. Families are broken and children are lost. Would they not prefer to live in United India like their fellow Muslims instead of drowning in leaky boats trying to reach Dover from Dunkirk?

Back in INDIA they neither have to learn Spanish, Dutch or Swedish and nor face racial discrimination as in the West. India is the “home” of their ancestors. But what a SHAME, that the Indian (HINDU) soul, patriotism, courage and vision are all DEAD, and the door to Bharat is shut upon them because, being weak and without “LIONS” (stalwarts) to inspire and lead them, the Hindu nation in Hindusthan is AFRAID!

The consequence of this NATIONAL collapse in 1947 and 2020 is that Bharat will never get back to her original frontier at Khyber Pass but enact the farcical ceremonial “RETREAT” at Wagah till eternity.

There is no need for any follower of Sri Raam or Guru Gobind Singhji to keep repeating, “Too many Muslims will eat us up raw!”, and be happy with Bharat MINUS Balochistan and East Bengal.

Given a decent CONSTITUTION and the Will to enforce ONE LAW for all, the Muslims will be as docile and law abiding as the Hindus. That is the case today in the WEST (European Union and the United States), and that was the case in our own Bharat till August 1947 when barristers Gandhi and Nehru accepted TWO nations (Hindu & Muslim) and THREE Laws (one for the Hindus, one for the Muslims and one for Nehru Dynasty!) in ONE country, and ruined our unfortunate country for the coming generations till eternity.

Bharat is not a unique country on earth where we have divisions. The only thing needed is ONE Law for all- that is, as much for Sonia Maino Gandhi, whose immense WEALTH ought to have been investigated, and for the Muslims who had to be denied citizenship until "Pakistan" was DISSOLVED.

CONCLUSION: Bharat (Partitioned India) needs Supreme Commanders like Netaji Bose and Field Marshal Maneckshaw. They were the BEST in the 20th century. Gandhi and Nehru were the WORST.

The (Hindu) nation will keep on "wallowing in the mud (QUAGMIRE) of uncertainty, insecurity and communal strife" until we see ONE LAW FOR ALL under a new Constitution.

4 July 2020
PS: Please don't be scared of the Muslims. Their aggression is nothing but exact REFLECTION of the Hindu Confusion & Cowardice. Let us ask ourselves two questions:
1. How could the army of Maharaja Ranjit Singh defeat the Afghans and capture Khyber Pass?
2. How could mere 300,000 Britons rule in exemplary manner over 300 MILLION natives of India for more than a century?
PS: There are two more arguments in favour of sticking to our demand for AKHAND BHARAT

1. The reconstruction of the Temple in AYODHYA. That was also destroyed by act of aggression just like the attack on India in 1947. Bharat's cause is no less vital than the cause of Sri Ram Temple.

2. Let Jinnah (or the Indian Muslims) not have the last laugh!