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Subject: How long would this nasty dynasty family fool the Indians? Nehru Dynasty

How long would this nasty dynasty family fool the Indians?

Somnath Temple: Jawaharlal Nehru objected to the re-construction of the temple | Oneindia News

•Dec 1, 2017



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Nehru Never Wanted Somnath Temple to be Rebuilt I Prakhar Shrivastava I Capital TV I Khari Baat
Jul 21, 2020


Nehru Dynasty

HS Walia

At the very beginning of his book, "The Nehru Dynasty", astrologer K. N. Rao mentions the names of Jawahar Lal's father and grandfather. Jawahar Lal's father was believed to be Moti Lal and Moti Lal's father was one Gangadhar Nehru. And we all know that Jawahar Lal's only daughter was Indira Priyadarshini Nehru; Kamala Nehru was her mother, who died in Switzerland of tuberculosis. She was totally against Indira's proposed marriage with Feroze. Why? No one tells us that! Now, who is this Feroze? We are told, by many that he was the son of the family grocer. The grocer supplied wines, etc. to Anand Bhavan, previously known as Ishrat Manzil, which once belonged to a Muslim lawyer named Mobarak Ali. Moti Lal was earlier an employee of Mobarak Ali. What was the family grocer's name?

One frequently hears that Rajiv Gandhi's grandfather was Pandit Nehru. But then we all know that everyone has two grandfathers, the paternal and the maternal grandfathers. In fact, the paternal grandfather is deemed to be the more important grandfather in most societies. Why is it then nowhere we find Rajiv Gandhi's paternal grandfather's name? It appears that the reason is simply this. Rajiv Gandhi's paternal grandfather was a Muslim gentleman from the Junagadh area of Gujarat. This Muslim grocer by the name of Nawab Khan had married a Parsi woman after converting her to Islam. This is the source where from the myth of Rajiv being a Parsi was derived. Rajiv's father Feroze was Feroze Khan before he married Indira, against Kamala Nehru's wishes. Feroze's mother's family name was Ghandy, often associated with Parsis and this was changed to Gandhi, sometime before his wedding with Indira, by an affidavit.

The fact of the matter is that (and this fact can be found in many writings) Indira was very lonely. Chased out of the Shantiniketan University by Guru Dev Rabindranath himself for misdemeanor, the lonely girl was all by herself, while father Jawahar was busy with politics, pretty women and illicit sex; the mother was in hospital. Feroze Khan, the grocer's son was then in England and he was quite sympathetic to Indira and soon enough she changed her religion, became a Muslim woman and married Feroze Khan in a London mosque. Nehru was not happy; Kamala was dead already or dying. The news of this marriage eventually reached Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. Gandhi urgently called Nehru and practically ordered him to ask the young man to change his name from Khan to Gandhi. It had nothing to do with change of religion, from Islam to Hinduism for instance. It was just a case of a change of name by an affidavit. And so Feroze Khan became Feroze Gandhi. The surprising thing is that the apostle of truth, the old man soon to be declared India's Mahatma and the 'Father of the Nation' didn't mention this game of his in the famous book, 'My Experiments with Truth'. Why?

When they returned to India, a mock 'Vedic marriage' was instituted for public consumption. On this subject, writes M. O. Mathai (a longtime private secretary of Nehru) in his renowned (but now suppressed by the GOI) 'Reminiscences of the Nehru Age' on page 94, second paragraph: "For some inexplicable reason, Nehru allowed the marriage to be performed according to Vedic rites in 1942. An inter-religious and inter-caste marriage under Vedic rites at that time was not valid in law. To be legal, it had to be a civil marriage.

It's a known fact that after Rajiv's birth Indira and Feroze lived separately, but they were not divorced. Feroze used to harass Nehru frequently for money and also interfere in Nehru's political activities. Nehru got fed up and left instructions not to allow him into the Prime Minister's residence Trimurthi Bhavan. Mathai writes that the death of Feroze came as a relief to Nehru and Indira. The death of Feroze in 1960 before he could consolidate his own political forces is itself a mystery. Feroze had even planned to remarry.

Those who try to keep tabs on our leaders in spite of all the suppressions and deliberate misinformation are aware of the fact that the second son of Indira (or Mrs. Feroze Khan) known as Sanjay Gandhi was not the son of Feroze. He was the son of another Moslem gentleman, Mohammad Yunus. Here, in passing, we might mention that the second son was originally named Sanjiv. It rhymed with Rajiv, the elder brother's name. When he was arrested by the British police in England and his passport impounded for having stolen a car it was changed to Sanjay. Krishna Menon was then India's High Commissioner in London. He offered to issue another passport to the felon who changed his name to Sanjay.

Incidentally, Sanjay's marriage with the Sikh girl Menaka (now they call her Maneka for Indira Gandhi found the name of Lord Indra's court dancer rather offensive!) took place quite surprisingly in Mohammad Yunus' house in New Delhi. And the marriage with Menaka who was a model (She had modeled for Bombay Dyeing wearing just a towel) was not so ordinary either. Sanjay was notorious in getting unwed young women pregnant. Menaka too was rendered pregnant by Sanjay. It was then that her father, Colonel Anand, threatened Sanjay with dire consequences if he did not marry her daughter. And that did the trick. Sanjay married Menaka. It was widely reported in Delhi at the time that Mohammad Yunus was unhappy at the marriage of Sanjay with Menaka; apparently he had wanted to get him married with a Muslim girl of his choice.

It was Mohammad Yunus who cried the most when Sanjay died in the plane accident. In Yunus' book, 'Persons, Passions & Politics' one discovers that baby Sanjay had been circumcised following Islamic custom, although the reason stated was phimosis. It was always believed that Sanjay used to blackmail Indira Gandhi and due to this she used to turn a blind eye when Sanjay Gandhi started to run the country as though it were his personal fiefdom. Was he black mailing her with the secret of who his real father was? When the news of Sanjay's death reached Indira Gandhi, the first thing she wanted to know was about the bunch of keys which Sanjay had with him.

Nehru was no less a player in producing bastards. At least one case is very graphically described by M. O. Mathai in his "Reminiscences of the Nehru Age", page 206. Mathai writes: "In the autumn of 1948 (India became free in 1947 and a great deal of work needed to be done) a young woman from Benares arrived in New Delhi as a sanyasin named Shraddha Mata (an assumed and not a real name). She was a Sanskrit scholar well versed in the ancient Indian scriptures and mythology. People, including MPs, thronged to her to hear her discourses. One day S. D. Upadhyaya, Nehru's old employee, brought a letter in Hindi from Shraddha Mata. Nehru gave her an interview in the PM's house. As she departed, I noticed (Mathai is speaking here) that she was young, shapely and beautiful. Meetings with her became rather frequent, mostly after Nehru finished his work at night. During one of Nehru's visits to Lucknow, Shraddha Mata turned up there, and Upadhyaya brought a letter from her as usual. Nehru sent her the reply; and she visited Nehru at midnight.

"Suddenly Shraddha Mata disappeared. In November 1949 a convent in Bangalore sent a decent looking person to Delhi with a bundle of letters. He said that a young woman from northern India arrived at the convent a few months ago and gave birth to a baby boy. She refused to divulge her name or give any particulars about herself. She left the convent as soon as she was well enough to move out but left the child behind. She however forgot to take with her a small cloth bundle in which, among other things, several letters in Hindi were found. The Mother Superior, who was a foreigner, had the letters examined, and was told they were from the Prime Minister. The person who brought the letters surrendered them. "I (Mathai) made discreet inquiries repeatedly about the boy but failed to get a clue about his whereabouts. Convents in such matters are extremely tightlipped and secretive. Had I succeeded in locating the boy, I would have adopted him. He must have grown up as a Catholic Christian blissfully ignorant of who his father was."

Coming back to Rajiv Gandhi, we all know now that he changed his so called Parsi religion to become a Catholic to marry Sania Maino of Turin, Italy. Rajiv became Roberto. His daughter's name is Bianca and son's name is Raul. Quite cleverly the same names are presented to the people of India as Priyanka and Rahul. What is amazing is the extent of our people's ignorance in such matters. The press conference that Rajiv Gandhi gave in London after taking over as prime minister of India was very informative. In this press conference, Rajiv boasted that he was NOT a Hindu but a Parsi. Mind you, speaking of the Parsi religion, he had no Parsi ancestor at all. His grandmother (father's mother) had turned Muslim after having abandoned the Parsi religion to marry Nawab Khan.

It is the western press that waged a blitz of misinformation on behalf of Rajiv. From the New York Times to the Los Angeles Times and the Washington Post, the big guns raised Rajiv to heaven. The children's encyclopedias recorded that Rajiv was a qualified Mechanical Engineer from the revered University of Cambridge. No doubt US kids are among the most misinformed in the world today! The reality is that in all three years of his tenure at that University Rajiv had not passed a single examination. He had therefore to leave Cambridge without a certificate. Sonia too had the same benevolent treatment. She was stated to be a student in Cambridge. Such a description is calculated to mislead Indians. She was a student in Cambridge all right but not of the University of Cambridge but of one of those fly by night language schools where foreign students come to learn English. Sonia was working as an 'au pair' girl in Cambridge and trying to learn English at the same time.

And surprise of surprises, Rajiv was even cremated as per vedic rites in full view of India's public. This is the Nehru dynasty that India worships and now an Italian leads a prestigious national party because of just one qualification - being married into the Nehru family. Maneka Gandhi itself is being accepted by the non-Congress parties not because she was a former model or an animal lover, but for her links to the Nehru family. Saying that an Italian should not lead India will amount to narrow mindedness, but if Sania Maino (Sonia) had served India like say or Annie Besant, i.e. in anyway on her own rights, then all Indians should be proud of her just as how proud we are of Annie Besant.

Posted By: Shriharsha Sharma ; and many others, Sent: June 3, 2020


Congress dictatorship by first misusing democratic process and then by vote bank politics

At the birth of the nation Jawaharlal took advantage of the high-spirited freedom movement and established himself as sole available option to rule India. He eliminated Sardar Patel and other democracy minded leaders and established himself as virtual invisible dictator in garb of an elected PM. So, all of India's policy decisions were, in fact, his personal decisions without paying attention to the well being of the nation.

India Gandhi did not see democratic decision-making process and she inherited the personal work experience with this dictatorial ideology of her father and decided to come open to establish emergency rule. After coming back to power with democratic process, she realized that she cannot eliminate democracy from minds of people. So, she established vote-bank politics and ruled until her death. The next generation Gandhi dictators expanded the vote-bank to include anti-native-culture (anti-Hindu) into their campaign. Now the current congress prince has added ideology of the Christian evangelical missionaries by openly using words like “people (read Hindu) in power who worship female divinity are disrespecting the women of India (read raping)” to attack the current government that he sees as Hindu Government. Nehru dynasty never ever realized what was wrong done and to this date, many well educated Bhaaratiya people, especially Hinduus do not even understand about those wrongs.

...Dahyabhai Patel

All of the following policy decisions were, in fact, Nehru’s personal orders without paying attention to the well being of the nation.

नेहरू की 7 प्रमुख मूर्खताएं, जो इस देश के लिए कोढ़ साबित हुई..

1. सन १९५१ में नेपाल के राजा गिरिभुवन ने नेपाल को भारत में वीलय करने का प्रस्ताव दिया था। चाचा नेहरू ने इन्कार कर दिया था।

2. बलुचिस्तान के नवाब खान ने नेहरू को पत्र लिखकर बाकायदा अनुरोध किया था कि बलुचिस्तान को भारत के साथ शामिल करने की कृपा करें.. हम भारत के साथ रहना चाहते हैं। नेहरू ने इन्कार कर दिया। नतीजा पाकिस्तान ने बंदूक के बल पर बलुचिस्तान को कब्जा कर लिया। सोचिए कितनी बड़ी कीमत चुकानी पड़ी हमें।

3. सन् १९४७ में ओमान देश ने ग्वादर पोर्ट को भारत देश को लेने के लिए ऑफर दिया था। नेहरू ने यह ऑफर ठुकरा दिया था। नतीजा पाकिस्तान ने ले लिया, फिर चीन को दे दिया। आज चीन हमारे ऊपर डंडा घुमा रहा है।

4. सन् १९५० में चाचा नेहरू ने कोको आइलैंड को बर्मा को दान में दे दिया। जैसे कि उसके बाप दादाओं की सम्पत्ति है। बर्मा ने चीन को बेच दिया। नतीजा आज चीन हमारे नौसेना की जासूसी करता है।

5. १९५२ में चाचा ने अपने स्वार्थ में २२३२७ वर्ग किलोमीटर का एरिया बर्मा को दान कर दिया था। इस स्थान का नाम है कावाओ वेली ये कश्मीर के जैसा ही सुंदर और रमणीक स्थल था। बाद में बर्मा ने चीन को यह भी बेच दिया।नतीजा आज चीन वहां से हमारे ऊपर जासूसी करता है और आंखें दिखाता है।सोचिए कितनी बड़ी कीमत चुकानी पड़ रही है।

6. देश की आजादी के तुरंत बाद में अमेरिका के राष्ट्रपति ने नेहरू को कहा था कि आप न्युक्लियर पावर का देश बनने के लिए प्लांट लगाए UNO का स्थाई सदस्य बन जाओगे चाचा नेहरू ने इन्कार कर दिया और चीन को सदस्य बनाया। कितनी बड़ी क्षति हुई है अंदाजा लगाइए ।

7. सन् १९६२ के चीन के साथ युद्ध में भारत के वायुसेना के प्लान के मुताबिक युद्ध लड़ने के लिए मना कर दिया और आत्मसमर्पण कर दिया। और चीन को १४००० बर्ग किलोमीटर का एरिया चीन को सौंप दिया भेंट स्वरूप। इस युद्ध में ३००० से अधिक भारत के जवान शहीद हुए थे। इसी एरिया को अक्साई चिन कहते हैं।


__ Dahyabhai ; June 3, 2020

#Tibet #FreeTibet #DalaiLama

Nehru-China Nexus to subjugate Tibet | Prakhar Shrivastava | Capital TV
•Jul 10, 2020


Nehru being coming from Muslim heritage believed in handing over land of Bhaarat to all neighbouring countries, may be Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Pakistan, China.


Nehru was conspiring with Muslim leaders to make Urdu as the national language of Bhaarat

#CapitalTV #CapitalTVOnline #JavedAkhtar

The Urdu Conspiracy of Indian Muslims! Khari Baat Prakhar Ke Saath| Prakhar Shrivastava| Capital TV •Jul 12, 2020

Pakistan is a na-jaez aulad of Stupid Nehru, Gandhi, /Jinn, ..... !!

Nehru hated Hindii, all the time he spoke in Urdu and he made such policy that neither Hindii became national language of Bhaarat or could develop Hindii to modern standard for expressing scientific words. People like Dr. Raghuvir who made more than 50 thousand Hindii words for English scientific words were rejected.

#DNA #UPBoardResult #HindiMediumStudents

DNA: हिंदी से दूर होता हिंदुस्तान का 'भविष्य | DNA Analysis | DNA Today | Sudhir Chaudhary •Jul 16, 2020


Present Indo-China crisis & Deshdrohies (traitors) role

(Major Opposition Political parties, like Congress & communists & terrorists/ separatist parties like Muslim League, AIMIM etc.:

Please go through this mail which has been sent to me by my learned friend who was Founder- Chairman of Zandu Pharmacy. His friend Rases has analysed present situation & Chinese Psyche very well.
Dear Shri Girish Bhai, I thank you for sending this wonderful mail / analysis by yr friend Shri Rasesh Bhai to which I agree.

However in para 11th he vaguely hinted for Armed Forces revolt against Nehru, though the actual facts might have been removed from all Defence Ministry records but the fact is that all the three Generals : Gen. Thimayya, Admiral Katari and Air-Marshals S . Mukherjee Had definite plan ready to o revolt against Nehru in 1960 and all army Commanders were vaguely briefed for it to take over all the Civil Administration, But three factors made them to drop their idea of revolt against Nehru:

1. At that time Nehru was a great Towering figure & was difficult to replace acceptable Prime Minister against him.

2. He agreed to release funds to Armed Forces as they were repeatedly cautioning him & the then Defence Minister, V k Krishna Menon since 1956 of Chinese aggression via Bomdilla.

But Nehru, who had inherited Transfer of Power in his favour from the British , soon after got them killed one after the other : Air Marshal S. Mukherjee in Tokyo while having his dinner as choked throat owing to a fish Kanta; 2nd was General Thimayya as heart attack in Cyprus as our Ambassador & about Admiral R D Katari , I am not remembering the exact details.

Please remember, Nehru, thereafter by miracle Gandhi & Khan Dynasty, is very Cruel & Greedy & the mystery of late Shri LAL Bahadur Shastri’ death is still un-resolved, while Shri Deen Dayal Upadhya’s murder at Moghul Sarai they had given to their stooge , one mr Baijal of CBI to look like a simple murder by a petty thief. I was in the same train in front bogie when the train was detained in Moghul Sarai for about 2& 1/2 hrs to & fro to rail yard and we were told by railway authorise that “ A man has come under the train, so they are cleaning the track...” which is Never done so. The fact is they were cleaning the bogei or replacing it with another so that No traces could be found. Not only he was ruining the country but also destroying the heritage of Bharat.

Posted - On 07-Jul-2020, Girish Parikh ; Satish Gupta

Lt Gen H S Panag (R) shared "Not China, 1962 war called India’s bluff"

All the tweets are thought provoking as well as informative, educational as to background of Maoist China aggression to establish its hegemony far and wide. Add to its bellicosity, the incompetence of those at the helm of politics, later governance, the debacle in 1962 became inevitable. All these and more could have been avoided if democracy was allowed to function on eve of granting of independence when unanimously Sardar Patel was chosen by Congress party to lead its parliamentary wing. There was no dissent from any of Pradesh (state) committees. J B Kripalani was president of the party. In the last minute this decision was countermanded by Mountbatten via Gandhi who appeared at the party conclave, demanded that their decision be rescinded, instead Nehru be chosen to become Prime Minister instead.

Please do read on, further information in this link,

Patel, not Nehru, should have been Prime Minister - The ...

Fifteen PCCs opted for Sardar Patel, while one chose Acharya J.B. Kripalani. Not a single PCC voted for Nehru. Gandhi was disappointed and asked Sardar Patel to step back and let Nehru be appointed. Contrary to procedure, Nehru’s appointment was confirmed by the 21-member Working Committee of the party. Everyone presumed that whoever was president would be chosen Prime Minister.

Of-course 'what if' is always tempting to indulge. Regardless is not difficult to speculate that the imbroglio with China would have been avoided had the cautions, warnings by likes of Patel were heeded then, had the democracy was allowed to function in the country that was emerging into freedom.
The first tweet, by Lt Gen Panagi tells us much about 'panick' in 1962 war, mercifully other tweets covering later period, to date present a picture of confident preparations, rather than panic or confusion.

Not China, 1962 war called India’s bluff

Ahead of 1962 war, Nehru panicked and sacrificed strategy for tactical actions...

gives more information about what happened later in blessed India.

For Nehru who imperially ordered 'throw them out' to Indian army while he was taking off , flying to Ceylon to a Nehru not long after trying to minimize the damage, with words like 'not even a blade of grass grows there' writing off Himalayas , it was humiliating but it took some time for the country to repair the damage, still the process is going on.

कांग्रेस का सर्कुलर: नेहरू विरोध अर्थात देशद्रोह


इन दिनों विद्वान लेखक और युद्धनीति विश्लेषक, 1962 के भारत-चीन युद्ध की विभीषिका के दारुण परिणाम, उसके कारण और तात्कालिक सरकार द्वारा की गई रणनीतिक त्रुटियों की मीमांसा अपने-अपने ढंग से कर रहे हैं | संभावित युद्ध को द्रष्टि में रखते हुए नेहरू जी के उस समय लिए गए निर्णयों व मोदी जी द्वारा इस समय लिए जा रहे निर्णयों पर तुलनात्मक समीक्षाएँ लिखी जा रही हैं | गलवान घाटी में भारतीय सैनिकों द्वारा चालीस से अधिक चीनी सैनिकों को मारकर स्वयं वीर गति प्राप्त होने पर ‘मन की बात’ में मोदी जी ने चीन को कड़े शब्दों में चेतावनी देते हुए कहा “भारत मित्रता निभाना जानता है तो आँख में आँख डालकर देखना और उचित जवाब देना भी जानता है” इस पर विरोधियों ने बदला लेने के लिए उन्हें बार-बार उकसाने प्रयत्न किया किन्तु शत्रु सैनिकों के मारे जाने पर कोई गौरव पूर्ण प्रतिक्रिया व्यक्त नहीं की | इसके बाद राष्ट्र के नाम सम्बोधन में जब प्रधानमंत्री मोदी ने चीन को उपेक्षा और तिरस्कार से उत्तर देने की नीति अपनाई तो कांग्रेस ने उन पर चीन से डरने का आरोप लगा कर चीन का नाम न लेने पर आलोचना की |

Please read full article at above URL