Date: 04/08/2020


For any invader in Arabia the WORST act he could do besides abducting, raping, looting, razing buildings to ground, would be the destruction of the Grand Mosque in Mecca.

One would say, “NOT EVEN IN DREAM SHOULD ANY ONE DO SO!” Agreed!

Now look at what the MUSLIM invaders did in India. The first thing they did after slaughtering whoever was seen standing or walking, was to destroy the TEMPLES.

How pathetic was the state of manhood of the NATIVES (HINDUS) that not once was the invader PUNISHED for his desecration and destruction of the holy sites of our ancestors.

Sri Ram Chanderji was not only a just ruler of his Kingdom but also an EXEMPLARY man, being an ideal son, an ideal husband, an ideal brother and an ideal ruler. He still remains UNIQUE in human race.

How fortunate are the NATIVES of Hindusthan (we may call them HINDUS) to have such an “Avtaar” whose name is synonymous with justice, duty, mutual respect, family structure, fidelity and morality.

His name is embedded in people’s PRAYERS and daily GREETINGS.

5 August 2020 (tomorrow) will be the most remarkable day in history of Bharat (since 1526 AD) when the SHAME of our nation will be washed away and our souls cleansed of COWARDICE & BETRAYAL.

The entire nation is about to cover itself in HONOUR, PRIDE & GLORY.

Up to now our Hindusthan has been passing through a Dark Era of slavery, submission and degradation. The invaders took our WEALTH away, suppressed our TALENTS and did complete BRAINWASHING to put inferiority complex in our genes, thus making us poor, weak, disunited, compromising, appeasing and surrendering.

(We surrendered ONE THIRD of India unconditionally in 1947, never to look back!)

They, on the other hand, became rich, powerful and influential AT OUR COST and successfully alienated many a “Brown Sahib” (like Jawaharlal Nehru, who could easily, and unopposed, found his own Dynasty to misrule Bharat for ever!) from our native culture, even religion.

We have seen all kinds of FOREIGNERS. The Jews and the Parsis integrated and did not burn even one temple, kill even one priest, rape even one innocent girl, or convert even a single Hindu.

Then we had two more, totally different breeds. While the Muslims used FORCE & VIOLENCE against the natives, the Christians were smart enough to give "education", incentives and rewards, and gained many converts. As a result, both of them depleted the Hindu numbers drastically and reduced the collective Hindu “SHAKTI” to such a devastating extent that BREAKING UP our ancient country of wisdom & divinity was a child’s play in 1947.

Please note that Sri Ram Chandarji, lived when neither Jesus nor Mohammed was born. Hence he is above all our “muddy” and disgusting politics by which some ignorant or misguided persons are opposing the construction of Sr Ram Mandir in Ayodhya.

Tomorrow there should be national UNITY from East Punjab to West Bengal and from North Kashmir to Kerala State in the South. The nation should be ONE, to honour Sri Ram who was also revered by all Sikh gurus.

It is no coincidence that the holy city of Sri Amritsar was founded by Guru Ram Dasji. People of Punjab, now acting as the “shield” against another invasion from the North West, get great inspiration from Sri Ram Chandarji’s courageous FIGHT against the EVIL ruler of Sri Lanka.

What a SHAME that NO Hindu leader in 1947 invoked the blessings of Sri Ram to DEFEND our sacred TERRITORY! Both Gandhi and Nehru showed NO regret in betraying and surrendering even Kasur and Lahore, founded by the sons of Sri Ram - and Sri Nankana Sahib as well as Multan (Bhagat Prahlad, mentioned in Sri Guru Granth Sahib!).


1. The Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi. Please declare August 5 ("Sri Ram Liberation Day", or "HINDU LIBERATION DAY") as statutory holiday across Bharat till eternity.

2. Lok Sabha: Please pass the Bill to write up a new Constitution for “HINDU RASHTRA”. (Bharat will have a SECULAR Constitution when the breakaway ISLAMIC states, Pakistan and Bangladesh come back to MOTHER INDIA and repent.)

3. People: All citizens of Bharat should ILLUMINATE their homes (like Diwali) to celebrate the foundation laying ceremony in Ayodhya. There should be street parties, music and singing competitions, historic dramas, cultural shows and exhibitions all over Bharat.

4. The MUNICIPALITY OF AYODHYA. Besides having the world’s most magnificent TEMPLE at the Janmasthan, please erect the STATUE of Sri Ram Chandarji, that should be at least THREE FEET taller than the statue of Sardar Patel in Gujerat.

5. Please think of more initiatives in connection with tomorrow’s historic event in Ayodhya.

Such an event is ONCE IN A MILLENNIUM!

Thank you.


4 August 2020.