Date: 14/08/2020



Pakistan was established for the Muslims of India. Yet all the Muslims did not leave India.

The founders of Pakistan were al BORN IN INDIA yet they betrayed the land of their birth, setting a BAD precedent till eternity.

Pakistan put question mark over a Muslim’s loyalty to his country and his patriotism.

It was a sad moment in history when India was partitioned without referendum. A sad precedent when the country was established on the basis of RELIGION in the middle of 20th century AD.

Second World War was fought between democracies and totalitarian regimes in Italy, Germany and Japan. Yet two years later a country was created for EVEN WORSE totalitarian ideology, Islam!

The country was born in unprecedented BLOODSHED with two million innocent citizens killed. Those days were HELL for girls and women in the provinces surrendered to Islam where law & order broke down and mobs took over the streets.

We saw beastly treatment of fellow citizens by our Muslim fellow citizens.

In the new country they imposed a Constitution written in 7th century AD, the period of Dark Age of Jehalat.

New rulers of Pakistan held Mecca & Medina as their role model being the shining cities of civilization on earth yet millions of Pakistanis fled to London, New York, Berlin, Frankfurt, Bedford, Toronto, Australia and New Zealand avoiding Mecca and Medina. How many went to Mecca or Medina to live or work?

Even today millions of Pakistanis along with Afghans, Syrians, Irakis, Bangladeshis, Somalia and Nigerians are heading towards Christian EUROPE, many drowning in the Mediterranean and the English Channel trying to cross in leaky boats, having paid thousands of dollars to people smugglers. They dream of going to London and New York, NOT Mecca or Madina!

What is the future of Pakistan under ISLAMIC Constitution? Very soon Balochistan and Sindh will break away and Frontier Province will join Afghanistan, the rest will resemble Libya, Syria, Irak and LEBANON. The "social glue", to bind the nation together, is missing. They were the Hindus and Sikhs who used to live there! They were also like the flowers in a garden with bright colours. Without them the country is now all BLACK and BORING, even DREADFUL with the Taliban round the corner.

Conflict with modern life with equal rights for women. No nonsense like "FOUR MAIL WITNESSES" to prove rape or chopping off hands and feet as punishment or stoning to death, since Islamic world did not know prisons to keep the criminals. How many girls and women are killed in Pakistan every day for “honour killing”?

Former refugees still cry, “Curse be upon YOU, Pakistan!” They remember August 14, 1947 when at the moment of birth of Pakistan thousands of women and girls were being abducted, families butchered and hundreds of girls and women were committing suicide, some by jumping into deep wells to save themselves from the followers of Mohammed of Mecca who were celebrating the birth of their new Islamic Republic.

Mohammed Ali Jinnah broke up the ancient civilisation of India, the world renowned great civilisation that was flourishing 10,000 years ago whereas the Islamic prophet appeared as a very unhappy angry man in the savage and wild Arabia only in 570 AD.

Millions of land owners, house owners, families, young and old, settled in villages and towns since the time of Ramayana were forced out to be refugees in their own county.

Pakistan is REJECTED with contempt by her own citizens. The country has lost the bright and the adventurous. They are all abroad, many have NON Muslim wives. Muslim wives. who can read the Koran and will pray five times, are seen as a drawback, sign of being primitive!

People are so brainwashed that even a Governor was shot dead in Lahore for expressing sympathy with a Christian teenager condemned to death for insulting Koran.

There is not a single restaurant abroad called “Pakistani Restaurant”. All are “INDIAN” Restaurants.

Abroad, the Pakistanis have earned bad reputation for seduction of hundreds of teenage school girls in England where the criminals were all MUSLIM.

They are seducing Hindu and Christian girls by posing as tolerant liberal guys. Yet on marrying, the first requirement is to become a Mohammedan. There is NO decent Muslim who embraced the religion of his non Muslim BRIDE! Parents with young girls warn them to AVOID the company of a Muslim in order to save them grief and agony later. The girls feel shattered when they see the truth about the Islamic way of life and worship. But it is too late.

The founder of Pakistan, Mohammed Ali Jinnah, did not know what PATRIOTISM meant when he attacked his own country of birth, India, and RUINED her, DESTROYING her UNITY & PEACE for ever.

Muslims killed, raped and massacred millions of innocent fellow citizens simply because they were non Muslims.

Muslims became robbers and predators. They occupied homes belonging to Hindus and Sikhs who had spent life-time savings to build them.

There are more random thoughts on the Muslims who did not migrate to the Land of their Prophet in 1947 but stayed on in BROKEN Bharat. They are watching their FELLOW MUSLIMS celebrating the birth of Pakistan with mixed feelings- from regret and shame to stupidity of the imbecile.

They are bound to be under suspicion all the time. This they owe to their PAKISTANI cousins who are firing 31gun salute to announce the HIGH TREASON of those who founded Pakistan. THEY WERE ALL BORN IN INDIA.


14 August 2020.

PS: Would those who were alive in 1947 and can recall the TRAGEDY of PARTITION, send their own memories, experiences and feelings? Thank you.