Date: 14/08/2020


Today we have mixed feelings over Independence. We were living happily in those areas that our leaders surrendered to the “rabid fundamentalist brainwashed predator” MOHAMMEDAN fellow citizens in 1947.
There was no referendum, no advance warning, and no clear direction on what to do if death suddenly stared us in the face.

We were FORCED out of our homes, built with life-time savings of our parents and grandparents, without any good reason. We saw SECULAR civilized India fall in dust, at the feet of the primitive, archaic, savage, fundamentalist (“JAAHIL”) forces inherent in the doctrinal make-up of “ISLAM”.

We were not tens, hundreds, or thousands, not even tens of thousands of proud and loyal citizens of India, keenly looking forward to new life as FREE people. We were MILLIONS upon MILLIONS of Hindus and Sikhs who had lived there since the time of Maha Bharat, having passed through centuries of war and peace, calm & turmoil, invasions and mayhem. Our ancestors never had to leave their homes and hamlets.
We were suddenly attacked, massacred, and our girls and women abducted, raped and degraded till we took to road, air or sea to leave the land of our ancestors- Gurus, Rishis, Vedas, Gita and Granth.

Our great country, boasting of ancient civilization and blessed with unique divine spiritual heritage collapsed like a house of cards in wind.

We were BETRAYED by our own leaders and asked to forget Partition as if we were sheep or cattle that are driven from one pasture to another.

Since 1947 all the governments of India (Bharat) have not looked back to hold an Enquiry or acknowledge the sacrifices of the millions who never made it to “Independence”, nor have either Centre, or the States, publicly honoured those few brave patriots who resisted the aggression with unprecedented courage and bravery till the last breath in body.

Surely there were a few, even just one or two, in every village, town and city, who must have stood up defiantly to face the murderous mobs in order to save their families, homes and country.

The TWO MILLION did not accept slaughter like the sheep in abattoir. So, let us discover the bravest of the brave who are worth recalling and honouring.

The honourable nation, celebrating Independence today, ought to recall those who lost their lives. Independence did not come cheap!

A suitable Memorial ought to be built to honour the sacred memory of those who perished, AND THOSE FEW WHO FOUGHT BACK, instead of Gandhi statues ALL OVER the country?

Who will stand up for the suitable Memorial, to honour the “DEAD OF 1947”?

15 August 2020