Date: 18/08/2020

Let's be honest while analyzing the partition of Bharat and making of India & Pakistan in the name of freedom from British looters. Obvious question is why partition discussed by so called freedom seekers as a matter of joke, did become reality under the very nose of fake mahatama, patriot Prasad & Patel and womanizer Nehru, etc. Why the hell Gandhi-Nehru team kept begging muslims to stay in India when not a single one was supposed to stay here anyway based upon principle agreement?

Some people recall and openly say how MK Gandhi expressed his displeasure towards Nehru government. Some people close to MK Gandhi have claimed that he was desperately looking for escape from this world and he knew it was coming. Many of those close associates of Gandhi thought bullet from Godse was in fact a blessing. Nevertheless, the true story has been known to many and the current government. Yet, no desire among any of them to utter the truth and let everyone know. How sad!

Thank you for this uniquely touching story. Invaluable account brilliantly written. Each picture is worth a thousand pounds!

That was the common experience of millions of us.
It's a pity that such priceless and unique record will be LOST due to apathy of the people and the government of Bharat.

Not one among the "PYGMIES" at Lok Sabha has demanded a "HINDU HOLOCAUST MUSEUM" where such accounts could be preserved & treasured.

By such cowardly "denial" of Partition, we do show to the rest of the world that we HINDUS are still a very INFERIOR race, or a very SCARED people.

15 Aug 2020

India Independence Day 1947
:: My Yaad'Gar(Remembrance) -

My Memories of Times Gone bye 👋🏿
14 -15 August 1947

On this Day of 14 Aug Sitting under The Big Old Banyan Tree hugging Lahore, I could hear 21 Gun Salute!

Today is The Day when Pakistan was celebrating their Independence Day

And When . . .
We were ordered to move on towards A Trains Standing in open Yard of Lahor, Pakistan 🇵🇰 to board for Atari (Now Waga Boarder) First village hugging Amritsar, India 🇮🇳 Our Aapna Independent Bharat

Scene : Chaotic ; It was difficult to be Together !

That Chhook chhook Gardee (Train from Pakistan) took 36 hours, if recall correctly, covering that most horrifying journey of 30 odd km, a straight route with halts after n before, if n when it really rolled few meters!

Any One and every Tom, Dick and Harry could halt its ride, and loot, slaughter others or take a seat and or snatch each other’s belongings Killing was witnessed through out the journey! Most wanted to sit in the front compartments. Preferably around or on the Steam Engine itself

More brave hearts were on top of the train than in the Sardine liked packed Compartments which had 56 Seats occupied by roughly 250 young, old ladies and their little Ones in lap, occupy one seat.
I remember my mother, eldest sister age 9 and little baby few months old, both were in my mother’s Godee’

Very Poor and daring One’s Travelled in The Bullock Carts. Most men just walked along the train, but with utmost scare of getting looted or stabbed at the back for no reasons or the other.

Aim was Mera Bharat
Hatred between Hindus and Muslims was on display and Slaughtering a unbearable scene! Killings had no reasoning, what so ever

I as a small 6 years old child was witnessing this Massacre from top of the train which I had managed to climb after lots of pleadings

I was tugged between two elderly persons by my father Coz rooftop was not flat, in fact, highly slanting. Risk of falling were very high!

We all travelled with out food and water 💦 It was all consumed in our three days at the Refugee Camp under that big Banian Tree

At Atari, we had our first meal of Puri -Aaloo bhaji after almost 40 hours
My maternal uncle who was with Railways manage to locate us in that pitch dark night with no electricity to even think of!

Rest is a long drawn story in Aapna India and about welcoming! All that matter was we arrived without losing any member of our family

Yes, we were in Aapna India on The Independence Day after loosing everything my parents possessed, except three children

Three days quarantine in refugee camp under a Banyan tree on the outer skirts of Lahore and 2 days close bye Amritsar

We were finally in the Amritsar’s Jail Staff Quarters by 17 Aug 1947 after Darshans at Darbar Sahib “Golden Temple"

That’s what’s my Independence Day which blood marked the History! My Father was promised that we will get our 4 rooms filled belonging

In next ten days, which never arrived. Neither we got refunds for the air line tickets which my Grand father had booked ex DelhiYes that plane

never landed in the little airport of Lahore; hence we were moved to a refugee camp for safety by The Muslim Jailor under whom my Dad worked

I have truly seen what we call “Vulture - Culture “ Which World is heading to wards. Very Unfortunately! God Save this Earth!