Date: 21/08/2020

Hindus are peaceful but peacefulness does not mean that one has to be ignorant. Because of lack of true information, many Hindus have done anti-Hindu acts until their eyes are opened the hard way.

Let us take one example from Tipu Sultan's regime.

Being a Muslim, it was very natural for him to have his Muslim ideology, but his Hindu supporter Purnaiya extended all his help to Tipu, without caring to understand Tipu, that Tipu wanted to convert all the Hindus in his kingdom to Islam, by hook or by crook.

Tipu wanted to convert Purnaiya, and one day Tipu sent Purnaiya away on work and in that time Tipu went to Purnaiya's house and molested his daughter.

The devastated Purnaiya confronted Tipu and Tipu smilingly told him to send his daughter to his harem and asked Puraiya to get converted to Muslim.

Then Purnaiya's eyes were opened, and he could not do a thing to Tipu, except biding his time. Meanwhile Punaiya's daughter committed suicide.

Later on, of course, due to Purnaiya's machinations Tipu was easily killed by the British. I hope the historians, who care to know the true history, may care to tell us the detailed history of Tipu's fall and Purnaiya's role that, albeit late action.