Date: 22/08/2020


When a pup was playing with a baby rabbit in the field they were not aware of the death hovering overhead. A kite swooped down and fixed its talons in the pup and flew up, taking its meal with it.
“Does it happen in the human world, too?”, I asked myself. Then the history of India opened up before my eyes, page by page. The answer is, “Yes. It happens all the time!”

Most of it is forgotten and most of it regarded as one time calamity in a bygone era, like “Partition”, that will never repeat itself since we have now entered the “Age of Computers & space flight”.

In 1947 when we recovered India from the clutches of invaders everything was in shambles. Institutions had gone, temples were in ruin, English language was the lingua franca of the nation and then there was the unprecedented bloodshed at Partition. At that very moment we saw the two former INVADERS leave suddenly. New identities emerged.

The British left for England and the MUSLIMS suddenly became “second nation” denying loyalty to India. Turning enemies they captured one third of India in perpetuity and called it “Pakistan”.
Their departure caused the ultimate damage to India. Perhaps it was their GUILTY CONSCIENCE that made them feel like ALIENS (foreigners) in Hindusthan.

Those who had nowhere to go but stayed put were the NATIVES of the soil. They were Hindus, Sikhs and Buddhists. However, lacking the experience of RULING the country, guts and patriotism, the natives did not take over their own country with full confidence and courage but handed it over to the “MUSLIMS & CHRISTIANS” under different names, Nehru Dynasty and their All-India Congress Party. Hindus sat in the corner helplessly watching scams, chaos and corruption and their “divide & rule policies.

This Axis of Congress Party, Nehru Dynasty and the Hindu stooge and camp followers RUINED the country for decades till the victory of BJP in 2014 when real freedom came to the NATIVES.

However with the two anti national evil “WITCHES” (anti national dynasty and their allies, the Congress Party) perched on each shoulder of BJP, the NATIVES could not feel brave enough to write a new Constitution, re-establish or revive institutions, close false “Foundations” and formally unite all the elements of the NATIVES to make one strong nation to ensure internal security and external defence of the country.

It is the doing of the evil Axis that we saw the targeting of the brave and patriotic Sikh in order to alienate them from the nation. Due to IGNORANCE most Hindus cheered when the Indian Army attacked Sri Harmandir Sahib in order to drive a wedge between two indigenous communities who had lived together for centuries. Yet the top Hindu leadership failed to understand the FOREIGN invisible hand that wants to alienate the best fighters at the disposal of the country! We hope that BJP Government and all the NATIVE communities come on ONE platform now and show a UNITED FRONT to our adversaries, ill-wishers and enemies, especially those who occupy Lahore, Dhaka and North Kashmir.

Sadly, humans have remained the same in basic instincts of fear & insecurity, land grab & procreation. Belief system, Ideology Faith, tribal loyalties and the past events all remain embedded permanently in our genes.

How is an average non violent Hindu today any different from his ancestors who faced Mohammed bin Qasim in 712 AD, Mohammed Ali Jinnah in 1947 and “Jaish-i-Mohammed” in Srinagar in 1989?
Will the Muslims be different in 2121 AD if they read the same Koran that inspired Mohammed bin Qasim, Mahmood of Ghazni, Mohammed Ghori, Aurangzeb and Mohammed Ali Jinnah to wipe out the Hindus and claim our lands for Islam?

Conclusion: Human NATURE is the same all over but people are different- one from the other, like different religions, castes, clans, tribes, races, countries, skin colour and political parties- each with one’s own propensity & volition to act according to their COLLECTIVE mind-set and indoctrination.
In India there are the original inhabitants, Hindus and Buddhists. Their recorded history goes back, and beyond, the era of Sri Krishna and Sri Ram. Neither Jesus nor Mohammed was born yet.

Then there are the Muslims and the Christians, the offspring of INVADERS, by now greatly increased in NUMBERS by converting the natives who were either coerced by their foreign masters (rulers) or impressed by their victories and wealth, or under State policy that was carried out brutally by all Mogul rulers, especially Aurangzeb, and by the Europeans who did it the subtle civilized way.

The natives are still happy on their own patch, though much reduced since 1947, and have NO ambition to attack and subjugate the neighbours.

Hence the Hindus do not feel any need to carry the weapon, do rifle drills, night marches, or practice martial arts. Their bio-rhythm is calm and relaxed whereas the INVADERS, driven by their own genes & indoctrination, boosted by their victories and successive, will continue fighting in order to prevail (conquer). They remain highly motivated, united, aggressive and fighting fit, “charged” by the lure of loot.
The invasion gets under way.
Land is captured, natives are slaughtered or forced out of their homes till they resign to their fate and get absorbed in the mainstream.

But that is not the end of story. The INVADERS have “tasted blood”, experienced the thrill of capturing new lands, and of victory!
They have separate prayer books, separate mentality, separate ambitions, separate COLLECTIVE drives and goals- and EXTERNAL core loyalties.
They regard the natives inferior and contemptible. Theirs is to continue the occupation, oust the remaining NATIVES from their lands, for example, SRINAGAR AFTER LAHORE AND THEN DELHI AND THE REST OF BHARAT.
Each conquest spurs on to another. Why should the conquest of 1947 not act as impetus to the Indian Muslims to carry on?

The vanquished look weak, become contemptible, hence easy on the invader’s conscience to kill them like the animals.

Gandhi’s chants of “Shanti, Shanti” did not move the conscience of those who forced our girls and women to commit collective suicide by jumping into deep wells, or the Rajput women who did self-immolation by fire along with their children.
How strange is REALITY! The victim hopes mercy will change the killer’s mind while the latter beheads the Kafirs and praises Allah’s glory!”
How happy was the Japanese General when Gandhi advised his followers to lie down in front of their tanks but not resist!

And how happy was Jinnah when Gandhi approved of the unconditional surrender of one third of India to calm his “brother” Jinnahbhai’s nerves, and later insisted on paying 35 crore rupees after the invasion of Kashmir was well under way! That snapped patriot Godse’s patience.
Pacifist Gandhi acted true to his own indoctrination but history proved him fool by rewarding the aggressor. This is how history UNFOLDS itself under the motto, “Survival of the fittest!”
The natives hide the accounts of their defeats and massacres, whereas the conquerors boast of their victories and conquests and put the accounts in school books to inspire the coming generations to repeat the performance of their ancestors.

If this is understood so far, then what is the CONCLUSION?
The conclusion is obvious. The Muslims could easily ask for PAKISTAN but the Sikhs cannot copy them and ask for Khalistan! WHY IS THIS SO?

The Muslim spiritual chip is programmed (permanently) to wipe out, or convert, the infidels and establish Islamic Sharia rule on earth. How can they have core loyalty to a “Hindu” majority secular country?

The Sikhs, on the other hand, were created to defend the PERSECUTED and their LANDS and DAUGHTERS (and temples). “Half baked” Sikh leaders find it easy to misguide and mislead the largely fire-brand emotional but brave community. In this case, the Sikh youth with great potential to serve the nation and bring glory to Bharat.

These misguided Sikhs will be playing in the hands of the invaders, helping the latter to enslave the Hindus BUT ALSO THEMSELVES in the end!

For the INVADERS both are their “meal”- one (the pup) today, the other (the rabbit) tomorrow!
The invaders will, consciously, subconsciously, even unconsciously, strive relentlessly to dominate the sub-continent from Khyber Pass to Chittagong once again.

Is it possible to pass this scenario to the growing Hindu / Sikh generations who are still fed on MK Gandhi’s “Hindu-Muslim Bhai Bhai!”, that is an ILLUSION like the piece of cheese in the mouse trap?
Who will stand up to remind all the natives, Hindus, Buddhists and Sikhs ALIKE, of Guru Gobind Singhji’s ‘call to arms’ of the entire population, boys and girls included, to save what is left of LAND under our feet- and so long as LAHORE remains under the invaders’ foot?
The victors do one thing immediately. Metaphorically speaking, they “BEHEAD” THE VANQUISHED. Hence Hindus, the NATIVES, have NO collective Head.
All the information and experiences gathered by arms, feet, eyes and hands, are conveyed to the head where they land in VACUUM instead of BRAIN!
It is worth repeating, “The natives have NO collective Head.” We have to create it like the phoenix from the ashes.

Muslims have the KORAN to guide them against the infidels. The Christians have EDUCATION, SCHOLARSHIP & AWARENESS PLUS UNITY & MEANS and the powerful independent sovereign State of Vatican that has its embassies in all capitals on earth, including the NUNCEATE in New Delhi that functions as the COLLECTIVE HEAD of all Catholics on the sub continent.
Its Hindu counterpart is VACUUM.
The natives do have historic record of the past victories but these are not mentioned in order not to “provoke” the descendants of the victors. Hence PARTITION is never mentioned in high Hindu circles and the Lok Sabha, in order not to offend the INVADERS, i.e., the VICTORS. Hindus instantly assume victim status and cover themselves with fear or caution and do nothing.
The Hindus are programmed to vanish from earth. The Sikhs will precede or follow them in the grand spectacular historic exit.

Where is the NATIVE leadership with such comprehension and awareness of the waves of history that submerge some and bring up the others? Who will draw PROJECTIONS from the Hindu/Sikh historic defeat of 1947 to its logical CONCLUSION?

Why did the Pandavas flee the field and never looked back? How could we all see Hindusthan “die” suddenly in Lahore?

Or, is the topic (Survival of natives in Partitioned India) taboo?
Finally, how are the forces arraigned in Bharat today?

On one side are the KAURAVAS, those who entered our land to loot, plunder, kill and rape, and to destroy our self-confidence and our spirit to fight back.

Then we have the PANDAVAS, the natives who are the ideological target of the invaders. The core of the nation is formed by the Hindus, Buddhists and the Sikhs. They are all infidels in the eyes of good Muslims, and “devil worshippers” in the eyes of the Christian missionaries.

The COMMON spiritual and ideological blood bonds are due to the fact that our founders were all born in Hindusthan who imparted the belief system of universal love, tolerance and peace.

To this list of Hindu family we can add the PARSIS who were persecuted by the same brutes who destroyed our own native civilization and converted tens of millions by force, intimidation or lurements.

22 Aug 2020