Date: 10/09/2020

Islamic Atrocities :: When Kashmiri Pundits were killed like Rats
because they were not trained for fighting against the Invaders

The Saffron Valley of Kashmir stands desolated today as if vultures have descended on the sacred land of mystic splendor. So far, Weakling Kashmiri Pandits have suffered SEVEN BRUTAL FORCED EXODUSES from their HOMELAND and they have still not learnt anything. In 1989-90, barbarous terrorists hounded the legendary Kashmiri Pandits out of their homes; brutally killed thousands of natives; and, ventured to change the 6000 years old history and culture of the Kashmir Valley.

The satanic cruelties of the terrorists crossed extreme limits in inhuman behaviour that even the iconoclast Sikander, bigoted Ali Shah, dogmatic Haider Shah, sectarian Chaks, intolerant Aurangzeb and tyrannical Afghans will be feeling stung in their graves for the native people of Kashmir. But the pretended world bodies, contaminated human rights organizations, pseudo-secularists, self-styled leaders, so-called policy makers, tainted political parties and slack bureaucracy have failed to express serious concern at this great human tragedy of satanic genocide considering them to be lame ducks for any invader. These Kashmiri Pandits are still living in forced exile since past 31 years because they still do not want to be "warriors" like their Aryan predecessors.
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