Date: 11/09/2020

All India Media (Regional, National and International).
Honorable Prime Minister of India (Through Grievance Redressal Mechanism).
Honorable Home Minister - Mr. Amit Shah.
Honorable Chief Ministers of Various Other States.

Honorable President and Presidential Team,

This is an emergency situation, and thus I request you to use your powers at your fullest to dissolve the Maharashta Government under rule 356 of constitution. Bombay Municipal Corporation and Maharashtra State Police, Ruling Party MLA/Ministers, etc. which are all a part of Maharashtra Government are heavily misusing and abusing their powers to torture the ordinary citizens, creating ruckus to save those against whom NCB and CBI is doing investigation and taking actions. Repeatedly, they are heavily crossing their limits. Here are few of many examples of misuse and abuse by Maharashtra Government and it's counterparts:

1) A reputed celebrity's premises was broken with JCB,
2) An Ex-Navy Officer (also a Senior Citizen) was brutally tortured and assualted for sharing a cartoon over internet,
3) Illegally and unconstitutionally arresting media people,
4) Trying to interfere in NCB and CBI investigations by giving unofficial cover to those involved into DRUG BUSINESSES.
5) And much more.

Being an ordinary citizen, I believe that these are more than sufficient and strong reasons for dissolving the Maharashtra State Government. If you don't use these powers now and immediately; this situation may result in one or more of following critical situations:

1) Riots Between Government Officials and Residents of Maharashtra.
2) Abusive Public Anger Over Social Media and Internet.
3) Internal Security Issues Resulting Into Civil War within Concerned State.
4) Increase of Anti-Social Elements and Their Anti-Social Tasks.

As a result, I request you to take actions immediately after having a discussion with all your team members, Honorable Prime Minister, Honorable Home Minister and Governor of Maharashtra.