Date: 17/09/2020

WHAT IS Hindu Fascism?

The subject line above is the work of ill-informed people. There is NO "Hindu" fascism in India when the Hindus themselves are trying to save the Rest of India from this invisible Foreign Fascism that is bent upon damaging (by dismantling) the Hindu nation and destabilizing the country.

Being invisible, the FOREIGN "Fifth Column" does not get the beating that they deserve. The fact remains that All MISCHIEVOUS input into collective "Hindu brain" is THEIR handiwork carried out silently and efficiently.

That includes the induction of hundreds of Rohingya MUSLIMS from Myanmar into Jammu without consulting the Dogras!

They are still there, multiplying rapidly, waiting for the day when they will speak up for their own Burmese language to be at par with Dogri and Panjabi! Hindu leadership has to be smarter and more vigilant.