Date: 23/09/2020


Shri CCCCCC, Greetings.

China is now trying to capture more land of Bharat and Bharat is resolved to eject them or push them back.

I submit that even worse enemy are the Indian MUSLIMS who captured our lands in 1947. Yet we are reconciled to that aggression totally.

Aren't East Bengal and West Punjab as valuable as an uninhabited piece of valley in Ladakh?

Why this difference? Countries live by principles, and maintain these for centuries.

Reject "Partition" that was posthaste imposition without any regard to India's multi-religious and multicultural SECULAR society, history and ancient civilization, carried out without Referendum and without even a single condition.

The world stands for secularism and human rights and women’s dignity and for the safety of minorities. The world has full sympathy with India’s stand.

The world is simply hoping for India to act, that is, submit her case to the United Nations for restoring United India (“Akhand Bharat”) and for the dissolution of Partition carried out on the crude & archaic basis of religion only.

India should also bring to the notice of the World body that MORE Muslims are living happily in secular India than in Islamic Pakistan. If Partition is legal then their presence in India is ILLEGAL. India (Bharat) is expected to do the right thing with transparency and courage whatever it may take.

Let posterity not think that after the British “LION” left the native “RATS” took over the sub continent in three fragments- and lived happily thereafter!*

We owe it to the millions of innocent citizens massacred in 1947, and to posterity, to undo the High Treason of “breaking up” India recklessly in indecent haste.

Petition to revoke Partition of India must remain on UN files (and on world conscience) as long as it takes!

23 September 2020
* They will NOT live happily thereafter. If LAHORE is out of Bharat, DELHI cannot be in Bharat for long!