Date: 25/09/2020


Abducting a girl or woman is the worst crime against the person, her family and the entire mankind.

In all civilized countries forcible abduction of someone’s daughter, someone’s sister or wife, is seen as extreme deprivation of the men who do this crime.

If Mohammed said, “The rape of one innocent female is like the rape of entire mankind,” then it applies to PAKISTANIS, too. It is amazing why the Curse of Prophet Mohammed and the Wrath of God do not incinerate Pakistan!

Pakistan was created in 1947 for the Indian Muslims who hated Secularism and Hindus. It adopted an outmoded ISLAMIC Constitution based on a Book written 1400 years ago. That period was known as Dark Ages when women were bought and sold and auctioned like commodities!

Mr Imran Khan keeps on repeating parrot-wise to make his Pakistan like “Medina ki Riasat!” But was there such lawlessness in Medina that criminals could abduct a female in broad daylight then force them into marriage after converting them?

These two broad daylight abductions, rape and conversions at Kartarpur and Panja Sahib, tell the world about the true State of Pakistan, that it is a LAWLESS country where abduction, rape and murder of females is the most common event, that it is a PARIAH among the countries on earth.


We call upon the Sikh organisations worldwide to send letters of protest to the embassies and high commissions of Pakistan in their countries.

Letters pointing out the rule of lawless “bandits” in Pakistan should also be sent to all the heads of State in the world.

Sikhs should gather to demonstrate in New Delhi, London, Berlin, Frankfurt, Paris, Madrid, Rome, New York, Washington DC, Melbourne, Toronto and Vancouver and other major cities in the world until the girls are safely back with their parents.

SGPC should write to all the gurdwaras to-

(1) Pass Resolutions condemning the abductions.

(2) Hold “akhand paths” praying to Waheguru for the early freedom of these girls.

Sikhs should write letters of protest to their MPs.

Letters should be sent to UNO about the serious violation of human rights in Pakistan.

Letters should be written to Mr Imran Khan reminding him of his duty towards all citizens.

Media in East Punjab and Bharat should show solidarity and report the abductions with big headlines and pose the question, “How would the Muslims feel if the daughter of the Imam of Mecca was abducted by Christians or Hindus, and then converted? Some Muslim morons think that only Muslim girls have “honour” who must not even talk to a Hindu or Jew while all the others are “game”, to be picked up just like that!

Government of the United Kingdom ought to be requested to give asylum to these two Sikh girls just like MALALA YUSAFZAI who escaped death from the Taliban in Peshawar.

Pakistan ought to be reminded of the permanent loss of tourists especially the Sikh pilgrims to their holy places in Pakistan if women are abducted in broad daylight.

We should write to world media to boycott Pakistan, pointing out the danger to female tourists in Pakistan.

We should inform the whole world the truth about the TERRORIST STATE called Pakistan where women are “game”.

Pakistan should be declared a PARIAH State in addition to being a TERRORIST State.


25 September 2020