Date: 09/10/2020

Re: Hard-pressed Brits forced to pay £9 billion to fund migrant invasion of Britain


I hate to write this since I believe in "love all mankind". However with the reality changing on ground it is good to be vigilant. Historically the enemy used to invade a country from across the borders. But INTERNAL upheavals have also led to great disasters.

Again, I hate to write that while the present generation in Britain is paying the price in pounds sterling as per your e-mail below, the FUTURE generations will pay the price in BLOOD.

I recall 1947 when the British were leaving India. They had ruled the sub continent on the basis of ONE LAW, ONE MAN. Everybody behaved. Everybody was happy. Everybody was SAFE. It was the "golden era" when the frontier of India was at KHYBER PASS and Hindus could be seen in Lahore and the Sikhs in Rawalpindi! But soon "gold" was to turn into "dust"!

The British indicated their intention to leave India. Finding their unique OPPORTUNITY, nearly ALL the Muslims declared in one voice, "We will not live under any other Law except our SHARIA LAW. We want a separate ISLAMIC country called "Pakistan"!"

In order to appease them, they were given ONE THIRD of India gratis & unconditionally where they immediately set out to do thorough ethnic cleansing. Nearly TWO MILLION Non-Muslims were massacred, thousands of females and girls were abducted and raped and converted, or killed, and over 12 million peaceful citizens, who were NOT Muslim by Faith, were forced out of their homes to become penniless refugees in their own country.

All the secular, civilized, multicultural and multi-ethnic countries on earth ought to have learnt a lesson! All the wise men FAILED to see the Muslim TIME BOMB in India that exploded on sensing power vacuum during the last days of British rule.

It was then that our eyes opened to the danger of having a sizeable Muslim minority in a Non Muslim host country. Centuries of life in peace loving, tolerant and multicultural India did not soften the Muslim hearts. They read the KORAN and saw the others as Infidels, if not as devils! They imbibed negative comments about the Jews, Hindus and the Christians.

In 1947 MANY (not all) Muslims were fundamentalist, fanatic and staunch just as they were when they first arrived in India in 712 AD. The brutal extermination of YAZIDI community in Syria in 2015 showed us that the Muslims never change. They still behave in a brutal & savage manner towards all, including fellow Muslims, as in Syria, Irak, Libya and Yemen!

That some Muslims neither respect the country they live in, nor its flag and Constitution, is demonstrated by their terror acts at Manchester Arena and the attacks on London transport. some British passport holders, including girls, who could not kill the fellow Britons in this country, travelled all the way to Syria to join the IS (Daesh) there to behead the British and American humanitarian aid workers.

With rapid increase in the Muslim numbers in this country through natural growth and mass immigration (what you call "migrant invasion of Britain") a day will come when a Muslim prime minister, even cabinet, will be elected through democratic process like Adolf Hitler.

Hence it is in order to express fears about Britain in the future, having a significant Muslim population if they continue to increase in numbers at the present rate. To have an idea of living in the "Muslim-majority" Britain one needs to take a week's holiday, with wife and daughters, in PAKISTAN. Once there, please ask one question, recalling 1947, "Where have all the Non Muslims gone?"

I can only hope that there are NO Britons in the United Kingdom who "deny" Partition (of India) like those who deny Holocaust (of Jews)! Those were real events that hold a LESSON for all of us.

10 October 2020