This is how Indian Govt looks after its MPs and MLAs

Date: 11/10/2020

This is how Indian Govt looks after its MPs and MLAs

*Do you know that a very senior MP is a four times MLA from Gujarat, 2002-2002, 2002-2007, 2007-2012, 2012-2014 and two times MP.*

*And for each of these elections he gets a separate pension?*

*In all he gets 5 Pensions (Four for MLA and 1 for MP) and will get a Sixth when this current Lok Sabha ends.*

And although he would not want it to happen, his wife will get all these pensions as family pension should he die before her death.

*But the veterans of Indian defense forces have been denied One-Rank-One Pension by these same elected leaders?*

This is happening with every MLA/MP who has ever won an election. It is their lifetime pension and when they die (in case of males) their wives continue to get pension for the rest of her life!

*The politicians have become the new Maharajas.*

*Not only that, all these salaries and pensions are tax free. The govt says everyone should pay income tax, but sir, charity begins at home or does it not?*

*And Rahul Gandhi is in his fourth term, so he too gets three pensions and a salary.*

By the way, almost all AAP legislators get two pensions already! For the two elections they won, salary for the current term and will get a third pension when this terms gets over.