Date: 04/11/2020


The ARAB civilization is clashing with our distinctly different Hindu civilization on our own land, and is driving us OUT of our homes and lands brutally, as in 1947, or piecemeal through conversion and love Jehad. We are losing guts and slowly sinking in the mud of INACTION & lack of RETALIATION.

In Sri Ram's Bharat Hindu girls are quitting "all family" mandirs for "all male" mosques, "dumping" Sri Krishna and Guru Nanak for Mohammed, the Prophet of Arabs. THEIR NEW COLONIAL MASTERS ARE TEN TIMES MORE RUTHLESS AND SAVAGE THAN THE BRITISH COLONIAL MASTERS. Under Nehru's SELECTIVE secularism they are not to be told that Hindu civilization is several millennia old and worth defending.

We must confront the audacious INROADS and violent THRUSTS of the Arab Civilization that replaces temples with mosques. Unashamed, the "rascals" tell the Hindu girls only the good side but never mention that their biggest leader was a paedophile or he had NINETEEN wives and countless concubines, who allowed them to have FOUR wives and who made divorce easy by saying the word "talaq" three times, and one's escape from the intellectually suffocating windowless dark cage called "ISLAM", is impossible.

The DYING Hindu nation in NUMBERS that is losing LAND on EARTH, and living on shrinking territory, must make the last stand to defend itself by a new Constitution that forbids seduction, conversion of Hindu/Sikh girls by sentencing the Jehadi terrorist or rapist with TEN YEARS in jail.

Is there any other way to save Delhi from the fate of Lahore? Please let us know.

And not to forget the FEARS of the surviving Hindu refugees of 1947 who say openly to the sleeping Supreme Commander, who has never mentioned PARTITION, "Sir, When we were WIPED OUT UNCEREMONIOUSLY in Western and Eastern India, we RAN to Middle India. But when Middle India comes under relentless attack by Jehadis, where will we go?" We are waiting for the Supreme Commander to say a couple of words. In 1947 all the SUPREME COMMANDERS were themselves ON THE RUN. If we don't look back, we cannot see the future!

OUR SLOGAN: "BETI BACHAO: DESH BACHAO!" How long more for the new Constitution?