Date: 06/11/2020


Those advancing ARAB CIVILIZATION on our secular, civilized & tolerant lands have NO respect for any Convention if you see how they treat Hindu prisoners, non Muslim women and the manner of killing, that is, Guru Arjun Dev, Guru Tegh Bahadur, the younger Sahibzade, Banda Singh Bahadur (on their own land!), and the Yazidi girls and women.

School books in Partitioned India should contain all this information so that the new generations grow up with AWARENESS of the "enemy within". Otherwise their fate, too, will be like our own fate in 1947.
Even ANIMALS WILL NOT RAPE, SELL AND BUY GIRLS & WOMEN or burn down churches and temples.

The Arab Civilization is covering the globe gradually to put the whole world under intellectual DARKNESS and Sharia Law. Women have no voice or status (FOUR WIVES!). So they cannot protest. They are too scared that their husbands do not say "talaaq" thrice!

In the clash of civilizations THE BARBARIANS WIN hands down. The civilized are too gentle and contented, lacking motivation to loot, rape and kill, or capture land.

Bharat's ETERNAL challenge is to recover that LAND surrendered unconditionally in 1947. Lok Sabha (of Pygmies) has yet to feel brave, or patriotic enough, to hold an INQUEST over the "murder of Akhand Bharat" (Partition)!

Till then they all (and the one billion others) live in SHAME & DISGRACE, condemned by Akhand Bharat.