Date: 06/11/2020

By now, we have forgotten or try to forget because it is so painful, the partition and taking away of one third of the most prosperous parts of our thousands of years, pious mother India and its conversion into an Islamic Republic with horrific violence and bloodshed.

We are gentle, soft people who decided to let hundreds of millions of Muslims stay in India and had no stomach to pack them in trains, take away their properties and shunt them out to Pakistan.

In free India, we should treat all citizens equal but bending backwards and allowing them to EXPAND UNFAIRLY WILL KILL US.

It will be much sooner than we think because unfair expansion is GEOMETRIC AND EXTREMELY DECEPTIVE AND DANGEROUS. Already in Bengal, at many places, we cannot celebrate our festivals, there are many places in India which are no go zones for Hindus and soon we shall start feeling chokeholds all over India.

Just read the following story why unfair geometric expansion is so rapid and deceptive and will shock all of us with its speed.

When Chess was first introduced, the king really loved it and asked the inventor to ask for any gift that he wanted.

He said, Sir, I am a humble man, just give me one grain of rice in the 1st square, 2 in the second square etc. doubling each time until all of 64 squares are filled.

The king laughed and was even offended that he had demanded so little.

After detailed calculations, his accountants told the king that we shall not be able to produce enough grain in the whole kingdom for 100 years or more to satisfy this demand.

The total number of grains equals 18,446,744,073,709,551,615.

Eighteen Quintillion Four Hundred Forty-Six Quadrillion Seven Hundred Forty-Four Trillion Seventy-Three Billion Seven Hundred Nine Million Five Hundred Fifty-One Thousand Six Hundred Fifteen.