Date: 06/11/2020

What you wrote below is seditious as per Nehru’s Constitution for PARTITIONED India. One who quotes Gita must also quote Koran since secularism is the State religion. Situation in "Broken" Bharat is ludicrous. HINDUS ARE BEING "TAKEN FOR A RIDE"!

Hence we require a new Constitution for "Hindu Rashtra" so that, what you wrote below, can be studied at every school and university in Bharat. Koran belongs to Saudi Arabia. It is MISFIT (since Partition in 1947) in the Land of Gita and Granth.

Koran should be seen in (limbless) Bharat only if Gita is seen in Saudi Arabia. And to get respect from the "thick skinned" Mohammedans we should see the notice outside Ayodhya, “NO MUSLIM ALLOWED ENTRY IN AYODHYA” just as there is a SIMILAR notice outside Mecca for the Hindus! That is called EQUALITY!

A MEMORY FLASHBACK: It must be 1943. With my parents I was at Rawalpindi Railway Station. At the platform stood a long train. I looked closer. It was full of young men in military uniform. My father told me, “Son they are heading for Bombay to embark on the ships for England. They will fight for the defence of the British Empire.”

It is October 29, 2020. I read the following:-

(Quote) A man (21 year old Tunisian national) armed with a knife has killed three people – two women and a man – in a terrorist attack at a church in Nice on the Côte d’Azur. The killings happened at 9am on Thursday inside the Notre-Dame Basilica in the city centre.

One of the victims was reported to be a 70-year-old woman. There were reports the woman had been beheaded or had her throat cut.

A man, believed to be the church warden, was the second victim. A woman in her 40s was critically injured and managed to run from the church but died of her injuries.(unquote)

My friend, who is a head teacher, said, “The attack was carried out by a devout Muslim on the enemies of the Empire of Arabia.”

In 1943 I saw the soldiers of the British Empire who did not speak or understand much English, nor followed the Bible or attended church, but were going to fight and DIE for the King who lived in London.

In 2020 I see the soldiers of the "Empire of Mohammed” going to England, Germany, Spain and France, in order to kill the Christians and the Jews. They, too, like the Pakistanis, are fighting and dying for the “Arabian Empire” somewhere very far away in an unknown distant world.