Date: 12/11/2020


A very learned Pandit Ji had to cross a river. All that was available was a little dingy boat and a young fisher boy as boat rower.

On the way, Pundit Ji was impressing the boy with his knowledge. Do you know Vedas ? The boy did not even know what those were. Pandit Ji quipped - One fourth of your life has gone waste.

Then he asked the boy about Ramayan and Mahabharat. The boy said he had heard the terms but was too busy just filling his stomach to know much. Pandit Ji was very dismissive - Half of your life has gone to waste.

Similarly as the boy knew nothing about Geeta, Pundit Ji almost scolded the boy - three fourths of your life has gone to waste.

All of a sudden, the weather turned very rough. There was a big storm, high waves and lightning and the boat over turned. Both Pundit Ji and the boat rower fell into water.

Do you know swimming ? Asked the boy to Pundit Ji. Pundit Ji said no.

Then all your life has gone to waste, said the boy to Pundit Ji.

So we should be like the boat rower boy and first learn the skills to preserve the Sanathan Dharm in the only major, majority country we have.

It does not matter how deep your philosophy is, once a Muslim has taken away your daughter thru polygamy etc., your next 100 generations will only speak Allah, Allah.

Once Muslims become majority in India in a few generations, similar to Noakhali massacres, except hundreds of times worse, Muslims will slaughter and molest tens of millions of our children and grandchildren, to convert whole of India to Islam.

Once I see some kind of consensus that yes we are dead determined to eliminate unfair expansion of existential threats, I shall be very glad to entertain finer ideas of culture, civilization, religion etc.