Date: 17/11/2020



High on macho, you want a Hindu or Christian girl. Why, when you yourself catch "fire in the back" on seeing your own sister or daughter in the company of a Hindu or Christian young man? YOU KILL THEM BOTH, calling it "honour killing"!"

That is question No. 1 for you.

Question No. 2: Since a LOT of "Mohammeds" are doing this all over the world, chasing non Muslim females, WHAT ABOUT YOUR OWN MUSLIM GIRLS?

Your top commander had a great idea even in 7th century AD. He noticed large number of Mohammedan girls who were left unmarried. Upon showing surprise he was told, "Sir, your followers are chasing and hunting Non Muslim females who are more beautiful, more educated and more intelligent."

"What about our own daughters? Too many will die as spinsters."

"No Sir, none need die a spinster. We have encouraged our men to marry two, three, even FOUR wives. That is how we shall solve the problem of REJECTS though many will still turn prostitutes."

"Well, that will solve the problem. What about the non Muslim VICTIMS of "love jehad"?"

"Sir, the poor girl "dies" as far as her parents, relatives and friends are concerned. Soon after marriage she is put in the family way. On top of that she is confined indoors. While outdoors she is not allowed to talk to any male who is not father or brother. The punishment for violating this command is death."

Finally a very tragic thing must be said. During all the massacres of Hindus (Malabar, Noakhali, West and East Pakistan) and Christians, MOST of the arsonists, suicide bombers and rapists were either the sons, or the grandsons, of HINDUS & CHRISIANS whose pride in their own RELIGION was thin as air!

Conversion to Islam turned them instantly into "beasts" - such is their culture, conditioning and civilization imbibed with their mothers' milk. Those "beasts" who abducted, raped, bought & sold YAZIDI girls were the progeny of Christian or Jewish parents. And in Bharat those "beasts" who made the Rajput women commit JOHAR (self-immolation), and made the fathers kill their own daughters and made the others jump into wells to their deaths in order to save their honour, were the offspring of HINDU parents.

Now look: How ONE conversion over a century ago destroyed the ancient country called Bharat for ever.
Premjibhai "Meghji" Thakkar, the patriarch of the family is the paternal grandfather of Muhammad Ali Jinnah and Fatima Jinnah. He was a Hindu Lohana from Paneli village in Gondal State in Kathiawar, Gujarat, who converted to Islam.
Mohammed Ali Jinnah would have been the PROUD & PATRIOTIC son of a Hindu grandfather had the "JACKAL" Premjibhai Thakur stuck proudly to his Vedas, Gita and Granth like a "LION"!

Now the devastating practice of "love jehad" ought to be a warning even to the most secular conceding appeasing "Gandhian" Hindu: END LOVE JEHAD. SAVE YOUR DAUGHTERS FROM THE "BEASTS", NOT ONLY (THE REST OF) BHARAT!

18 Nov 2020