Date: 26/11/2020


Dear all,

A couple of questions:

Why only the Punjabi farmers are on the march to Delhi? Where are the Bihari, Bengali, Rajasthani and Maharashtrian farmers? (Why did MK Gandhi gave the call for political protest rally in Amritsar in 1919 but NOT in Ahmedabad, Gujerat?)

Secondly, the farmers are going to BJP government at Centre but East Punjab voted CONGRESS PARTY to power. Anyone familiar with the last 73 years would know that -

1. It was Congress Party (CP) that happily surrendered Lahore without a single condition, and never negotiated its return to India. In THREE wars the CP governments (in power) did not recover an inch of West Punjab, not even Sri Kartarpur Sahib! But they (CP government) did concede full sovereignty to East Bengal even after its capture in 1972. Was it not an insult to EAST Punjab?

2. It was CP (Congress Party) that sent out a Confidential circular to all State governments that "Sikhs are terrorists". It was done immediately after surrendering ONE THIRD of India unconditionally to the "biggest terrorists" in history!

3. CP was dead set against Punjabi Suba and tens of thousands of brave Sikhs WENT TO JAIL for it. At that time many Congressi Hindus, living in Amritsar, Jalandhar and other towns in East Punjab, declared their mother tongue "Hindi"!

4. As soon as Nehru took over Partitioned India in 1947 (the PEOPLE have yet to try him for that High Treason, that is, SURRENDER OF VAST TERRITORIES OF INDIA WITHOUT REFERENDUM, WITHOUT REASON, AND WITHOUT A SINGLE CONDITION!) he issued orders to drastically cut down the number of Sikhs recruited in the armed forces. At that time (1950's and 1960's) one could see a large number of Sikh generals, Brigadiers, Colonels and Majors being retired or court martialed and sent home.

5. We all know how we love our "kirtan". Nehru and his Dynasty banned Radio Jalandhar from broadcasting Kirtan. Imagine how we felt when NEXT DOOR Radio Pakistan, Lahore, broadcast recitation of Koran day and night while all Radio Stations in East Punjab could only broadcast "gazals and qawaalies" but NO "Kirtan". Today we are lucky to hear Kirtan from Internet, Radio and Television all over the world. In UK I remember the heroic attempt by AVTAR LIT who launched Sunrise Radio in Southall, London on 5 November 1989. He joined Harmandir Sahib at Sri Amritsar BY TELEPHONE and amplified the voice at this end. That was considered a pioneering breakthrough and great victory over Congress Party's evil designs to deprive the Sikhs at home and abroad of "kirtan". One quipped, "Nehru made the "nation of eunuchs" secular after conceding the nation of "manly Muslims" full sovereign ISLAMIC status in Pakistan!"

6. Please recall the attitude of Nehru and his CP (Congress Party) towards the penniless starving refugees from West Punjab, MOSTLY SIKHS, who managed to reach Delhi to see "Nehruji". One of them, who actually managed to see the big crowd of refugees trying to touch the feet of Nehru in order to beg for food and accommodation. Nehru's route was known. He used to travel by chauffeur driven open top limousine to Viceroy's House in New Delhi to meet the Viceroy's wife Edwina when her husband was away. He used his stick to hit the refugees who approached his car. This is when we all expected him to go to Sri Amritsar Sahib, instead, to meet the crying orphans, weeping widows and their penniless men, arriving from Pakistan, in order to comfort them. There was NO sign of MK Gandhi or JL Nehru who claimed to "chase the British away in order to snatch Independence!"

On the midnight of 14/15 August 194 when Nehru gave his speech to the nation in order to congratulate his captive subjects on Independence, one angry frustrated refugee in the crowd shouted at the top of his voice, "What Independence, you "Son of a B____," SAY PARTITION!" A shocked Nehru paused for a moment or two, then carried on with "Independence" shamelessly. The Indian "coolie" media, controlled by CP, did not mention the incident at all. There was not just one vocal protester, but MANY that night, and afterwards even countless more, right up to TODAY!

What we thought of Gandhi, Nehru and their Congress Party at that time when our Punjab was "bleeding" on both sides of the new frontier that dropped from Khyber Pass and now ran through the middle of the grand Province of Punjab, is unprintable in the English language! The whole world will know the Truth about Gandhi and NEHRU and their Congress Party! Hindus of Bengal and Kashmir, too, ABUSE Nehru and his Congress Party for their present disgusting borders.

7. It was CP that did nothing to stop the widespread MASSACRES and EXPULSIONS of millions of Punjabis from their homes in 1947. Shall we FORGET IT ALL, even the UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER OF SRI NANKANA SAHIB? We also forgot the days when millions of our FELLOW SIKHS were streaming down to East Punjab with some trains bringing only mutilated bodies of MEN, WOMEN AND CHILDREN to Amritsar Railway Station. We FORGOT those days when each and everyone wanted to shoot Gandhi and Nehru dead for their HIGH TREASON against our Motherland!

8. It was CP (Congress Party) that contrived the malicious attack (using the Indian army as mercenary troops) to destroy Sri Akal Takht Sahib and the priceless Sikh Reference Library. We FORGOT?

9. It was Congress Party that refused to concede PETTY concessions as per ANANDPUR SAHIB RESOLUTION while conceding (upon their knees) FULL SOVEREIGNTY TO WEST PUNJAB AND EAST BENGAL. We FORGOT it, too!

10. It was CP during 1980's and 1990's when they "hunted" our young men, throughout the State when it became rare to see a Sikh young man in villages and cities. They were our PRECIOUS CHILDREN who deserved LOVE, CARE, EDUCATION & JOBS, NOT BULLETS! We FORGOT!

11. CP gave all the funding, concessions, privileges and grants to J & K State while to the Sardars of East Punjab they (CP) said, "GRAPES ARE SOUR!" NO citizen of East Punjab could buy any property in Kashmir while the Kashmiris could buy any house, shop or business in East Punjab! We FORGOT?

12. CP surrendered our LAHORE (the seat of Maharaja Ranjit Singh) without charging even tuppence while putting the Chief Minister of EAST Punjab on "UNION TERRITORY" to degrade him. We don't mind the SNUB!

13. It was CP in power when THOUSANDS OF INNOCENT SIKHS were massacred in Delhi and beyond after the assassination of the ARROGANT & AUTOCRATIC ("Hindu basher") prime minister whose only claim to the top post was being the daughter of JL Nehru. Who among the ONE BILLION citizens of Bharat shouted, "It is NO democracy but Dynasty!"?

14. Obviously, NONE knows the hatred in their (CP top) minds of anything Indian in general and Sikhs in particular. Nehru "chased" the wife of Viceroy, his daughter Indira hated the Hindus and married Feroze KHAN to get a new name "MAIMUNA BEGUM" that was kept secret from the nation, and Rajiv REJECTED all the NATIVE girls but found one in ITALY the best of all womanhood for him! Did anyone YELL OUT, "You lot, Nehru Dynasty, are insulting, degrading, the NATIVE GIRLS in the eyes of young men. You deserve to be thrown in gutter!

15. What is the record of CP Sarkar in EDUCATING the youths in SKILLS so that they get jobs at once on finishing their school or college?

16. The President of CP is a lady from ITALY. Couldn't they find someone BORN IN BHARAT? What sacrifices for our Independence did her ancestors do? Does she speak our language at home, or only to servants? What DOWRY did she bring? When did she donate one rupee to a Gurdwara? And, when did she APOLOGIZE for the genocide of innocent Sikhs in Delhi (November 1984), when her husband compared the Sikhs to falling leaves in storm? Let us remind her, and her CP, the manner of Divine retribution against her husband whose heart was full of "poison" for East Punjab.

17. Finally, the people of the State rejected BJP and elected CP to power. Now our farmers are marching towards BJP led government for concessions. Had it been CP at Centre then this march would have been stopped at Ambala. Do remember 1962 during Asian games when Sikhs proceeding to Delhi were abused, insulted and even BEATEN UP by CP goondahs in Haryana? Forgot it?

We forgot the surrender of Lahore. We forgot the attack on Sri Harmandir Sahib. We forgot the "fake encounters". We forgot to put the Capital in Punjab. We forgot those killed in Delhi after Maimuna Begum's assassination that also rescued the whole of Hindusthjan from the EVERLASTING CONGRESS & DYNASTIC YOKE OF SLAVERY.

We must know the difference between friend and foe and we must put the party in power that has SERVED THE SIKH INTERESTS BEST. CP broke up our Punjab into FIVE PARTS- (1. West Punjab, 2. Himachal Pradesh; 3.Haryand; 4. East Punjab and 5. (Capital) Union Territory that is OUTSIDE Punjab!)

Does all this make ANY sense?

27 Nov 2020

PS: The whole world expected East Punjab to build a few big Memorials to honour the memory of all the Hindus AND SIKHS who were wiped out in West Punjab in 1947, in order to-

honour the memory of all those killed during Operation "Blue Star" in 1984,

honour the memory of all those killed in FAKE encounters during 1980s and 1990s,

honour the memory of all those killed and raped in Delhi during November 1984.

We expect the brave and the honorable PUNJABIS to erect the tallest statue in Partitioned India of General Hari Singh Nalwa who defeated the Afghans and captured Khyber Pass - a feat NEVER accomplished by Hindusthan either before or after!

To the proud and honorable citizens of East Punjab, "THIS IS WHAT IS EXPECTED OF YOU, AND THE WORLD WILL SEE WHEN YOU "DELIVER" IT."

ONLY THOSE ARE HONORABLE WHO HONOUR THEIR DEAD. Let us not be known as the ones who FORGOT their ancestral homes in West Punjab and those killed in Partitioned India from 1947 till 2014 (when SANITY returned to DELHI under BJP after ousting CORRUPT Congress Party).

Would it not have been far better had there been a BJP or AKALI government in East Punjab today, to receive the Farmers procession?

NB: May be, a patriot would, very kindly, have it translated into Panjabi language for wide distribution in East Punjab.