Muslims in their true colours

Date: 03/12/2020

Muslims in their true colours


We mean the tradition of INFERIORITY COMPLEX, the tradition of TURNING AWAY FROM HINDU DHARMA while envying and admiring and embracing the Muslim fanatics. Here are some scenarios:

1. We often hear the Hindus saying, "In Akhand Bharat the Muslims will wipe out the Hindus, that is, grind us to powder like the "chakki" (flour mill)."

2. "It doesn't matter if Nehru was agnostic, Indira rejected all the Hindu suitors but chose Feroze KHAN, a Sunni Muslims."

3. "So what if Sonia Gandhi's god father is in Rome, not in Ayodhya or Nankana Sahib? Aren't all religions the SAME?"

4. "Why recall Partition when Nehru ji called it "Independence"? Are you bigger than Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru?"

5. "Why do you want "Hindu" Rashtra. Won't you see all the world condemning your action? And what will the Muslims in Bharat think of the Hindus' provocation? Will they take it "lying down"?"

6. "How can you erect a Memorial to the two million Hindus massacred in 1947? Aren't you afraid that the Muslims will get angry if you do not erect a similar Memorial to their dead, too?"

7. We are a secular country and yet you take a deep sigh and say, "We wish after marriage Sonia had gone to a temple or gurdwara to seek blessings of Bhagwan. What an inflammatory rotten communal idea!"

8. It was correct for the 27 States of Bharat under Hindu chief ministers not to ask Centre to concede to them the SAME concessions, freedoms and grants that were given to the only Muslim majority State (J & K) in Bharat. How could they ruler over us if they are not superior? Hence J & K is a SUPERIOR State because it has Muslim majority!"

Thereby a dream was shattered.

That dream was the Prime Minister's daughter (Indira Nehru, aka Indira Gandhi, aka Maimuna Begum) was a pious Hindu who used to take her two little sons (Rajiv and Sanjay) to mandir on one Sunday and to Gurudwara the next Sunday in order to bring them up well-versed in NATIVE faiths. Their photos, entering the holy places, printed by media inspired us all. Her example would have been followed by all the young Hindu and Sikh mothers across Bharat.

(Wishful thinking by slaves!) Similarly when the Prime Minister's son Rajiv Khan (aka Gandhi) chose a practicing Hindu girl for bride all the mandirs and gurdwaras offered prayers for their safety and well-being and did fire works and illumination of buildings to mark the auspicious occasion.

When the Hindu refugee from Rawalpindi expressed his disgust he was told to shut up. "So what if she is a Catholic or whatever? Aren't we a secular country?"

The snubbed Hindu spoke the truth, "We have been secular slaves for the last one thousand years. The only BAD LUCK was that all our RULERS were not secular!"

How true! Our RULERS were not secular. One ordered the execution of Guru Tegh Bahadur (1674) and the other handed over one third of Akhand Bharat to the Indian Muslims (1947) who promptly wiped out the Hindus there within days!

The patriot concluded, "Thank you, fellow Hindus, your generosity seems madness."