Certain questions remain unanswered

Date: 15/01/2021

Certain questions remain unanswered.

Why Khan Badshah of NWFP was ignored?
Was he loyal to the Congress and thus Unity
of India?

Your views give an impression, if Gandhi
was a farsighted person. How is that he
was mentor of Nehru?

Was Netaji Subhash not a patriot?
Was he worth ignoring or being side lined?

History cannot be a source of cherry picking!

You say Patel joined in social celebrations after
the tragedy of 1947, why was Gandhi alive
contrary to his earlier declaration that Partition
will materialise on his dead body?

He often threatened, blackmailed in the name
of UPWAAS, VRATAS, what sort of this task he
performed after the partition?

How is it that he threatened to transfer funds to Pakistan
with his usual weaponary?

Why he went personally on Delhi Station to beg the
Muslims to remain in truncated India, when you allege
that Patel and Nehru did not negotiate and implimint
the Partition implicit rules?

Finally, Sir, did he ever visit any Camp of the uprooted persons
who were living in makeshift places in truncated India?