Date: 27/01/2021


India needs something like a French Revolution

The sad disturbances in Delhi on Republic Day 26 January 2021 firstly is an irresponsible anti national act. That means the perpetrators of violence have no meaning, respect or belonging for this auspicious occasion how-so-ever flawed the realization of aspirations of people was for decades the republic came into existence. One must understand that this is an important legacy of our freedom because the call for PURAN SWARAJ WAS GIVEN ON 26 JANUARY 1930 and that is why this date was chosen to declare India a Republic.

Each and every event in this country now is being politicized and misused to grab power on negative attitudes of a process culminating in discord, violence and loss of life and property.

But this does not affect the health of our politicians in power or those who are just at the verge of kicking bucket with one leg already in grave.

Then there are politicians aspiring to become PM of India who want to replace Armed Forces at borders with farmers and labourers, knowing least both about national security or the farming. It amounts to saying that a patient in operation theater can be managed more effectively by a crowd. This is called bankruptcy of selection criteria for becoming a public representative and total absence of education, common sense and intellectual capability.

Now let us come to pinpoint at the guilt of the mindless violence of 26 January 2021.
The first guilt lies with corrupt, power hungry, timid, ignorant, untrained shortsighted politicians who use politics as a carrier and profession to become filthy rich by influence, power and altogether dubious means who from day one have been cheating the conscious of masses by holding public meetings, talking nonsense and gathering unwilling crowds by intimidation, lure of two chapattis and five Rupees. These leaders one after the other bring life to standstill by blocking traffic, obstructing offices, hospital work, denying business of the day and above all create divisions in society. The common man has been learning to disrupt life from these Snatani politicians.

The second guilt comes with sinisterous nexus between politicians and the bureaucrats who devise means for disruption by bringing new orders and laws without public participation and debates.

The farm reforms need the agricultural and horticultural well conceptualized farm produce policy of procurement, marketing and distribution. That means that farmer must earn enough not to be forced to take loans. The present farm policy is based on centuries old exploitative rule of medieval invaders picked by British and extended post independence by bribe accepting politicos who as big land lords have joined hands with Middle men (Artiyas)to create unrest for mutual loot. Above all the helpless farmers are tormented by officials who demand bribes from farmers even to buy their produce at lower rates below cost price and in turn these officials are reported to sell the produce back to FCI at higher rates.

So the guilt lies in not punishing the guilty and not reforming the system and continuing to throttle masses and leaving them in hands of the dirty politicians or capitalists who have robbed the banks naked, the rich landlords cum politicians, the blood sucking Middle men, unimaginative bureaucrats and leaders, lack of procurement and distribution points above all leaving farmers at the fate of uncertainty. Above all the evil system of extending tenure of politicians more than one tenure.

Democracy means total change every five years and then bringing in new faces, well trained in statecraft. Time out for bureaucrats. We need trained experts, learned, honest and dedicated. We live in chaos unheard of a parallel any where else in the world.

Oh! God deliver us through a leader like Lee Kuan Yee or The French Revolution.

26 January 2021