Date: 16/02/2021

Murder of Rinku Sharma

It is very sad that young Rinku Sharma, a Snatan Dharmi Brahmin, was murdered by a Muslim youth in Mongolpuri area of Delhi. This is because criminals have become bold due to their political clout and inefficiency of our Police Force and other law enforcing agencies. And also Hindus,
particularly the "weakest community of Pundits", has not cared to become "Warriors" like they
were during the Era of Aryans.

This kind of legacy is a continuation of pre-partition game plan which should have stopped after separatists were allotted a home land called Pakistan. This incident shows that "weak" Hindus, who continue believing "non-violence" as their moto, are not safe in India as criminals would never mend their ways. Law demands strict punishment to criminals and implementation of Radcliffe award and complete separation of parties and affected people involved in partition of India. The criminals after punishment should be deported out of India to the country of their religionists.

16 FEBRUARY 2021