Date: 26/02/2021


Amrit Ratna Tuladhar, B.A.

Lord Buddha was a brave son of a Hindu King and a Crown Prince of Kapilvastu Royal Palace. Later he changed his mind absolutely. He discovered that Hinduism was uselessly a non-competitive religion meant for mankind and wanted to establish a newly revised religion against the rotten one led by the cruel Brahmins. Since boyhood he excelled in different practical streams like meditation, retreat, archery, taming a wild steed, saving a wounded swan, etc. just to mention a few for a while which gave everybody a big surprise indeed. These were his early successes for sure, the wonderful glimpses of a bright future star born on earth. Though got married at the age of 16 he was always confined within the royal palace. He bore a big hatred against all the dances and music served in his top honor every night. He also refused to drink from the cup of pleasure during hours nocturnal, wishing to remain as a temperance all his life span. In other words, he was definitely against all the worldly entertainments that surrounded him and was rather moving towards a republican system in mind. Hence it is to be understood well that he directly opposed the capitalist system and was rather in sound favor of the bourgeoisie and the proletariat classes. Later he wanted to observe the world scattered outdoor. As such, he ultimately decided to break the tough chains that prevented him or bound him to leave the palatial premises liberally. Thus one day he went cruising around the capital city in his horse drawn chariot when he in event came across four significant sceneries like a sick man, an old man, a dead man and a holy man. This struck his mind thoroughly. Then he contemplated as to why a man falls sick, why a man gets old, why a man perishes and why a man leads the ascetic life at all. Concentrating on these four virtual incidents made him possible to establish a new religion called THERVAD. This ritual faith sprang up with all toils and efforts and has at present been put to practice far and wide. Or more accurately, it has been propagated as a very popular philosophy round the globe. He was almightily above all the monks or hermits or saints or sages or mendicants or friars or priests or recluses that in event swarmed around the world and wanted to preach everybody not to behave any conservative whatsoever. The orthodox Brahmins of the period, who were all narrow-minded by nature, always took the good savior as an antagonist. They never tolerated him and his immediate followers either. Envying THERVAD was their salient target. Even in Nepal at the moment, the Brahmins in majority but form the top political figures who are constantly after nothing more than money to commit evitable corruption. Needless to remark, they have richened themselves at the cost of others. Second in position appears the Chhetris who are straight the lay-disciples of the Brahmins --- no doubt. Do believe me the Brahmins have spoilt the nation in a hazardous style, playing dirty politics. The Cabinet or the Parliament or the National Assembly or the House of Lords or the House of Commons is precisely full of liars, cheaters and swindlers. They all bear devilish hearts. I can entirely assure you that only Buddhism can save Nepal the instruction of which will help us all remain broad-minded. I swear there exists no other modest way to suit a civilized society. Never forget to pray for a true independent sovereign non-aligned democratic secular federal republic. Lord Buddha help us all!

One midnight the Crown Prince secretly abandoned his dear family of a beloved wife and a beloved male child who were then blessed with sound sleep. He solemnly resolved to renounce his life and sacrificed all the personal belongings which were later handed over to his faithful servant called Chhandak. This occurred when he was at the age of 29. The contemporary era was when the obnoxious Brahmins stood at the zenith of their religious career. Lord Buddha then planned to crush the cruelty prevailing at the period thus. Besides they were all greedy sinners. Call them the hypocrites merely attached to any gluttony. The oriental religion of Hinduism they put to practice heavily counted the caste system by all means. This brought him a big worry! Whereas he wanted to instruct the entire society that all men were born equal in the eyes of God in disregard to any caste, creed, race, color, gender you see. This is what socialism absolutely means for the welfare of the multitude, for the happiness of the multitude. After achieving Enlightenment on a summer full-moon at the age of 35, he was in search of universal peace to be propagated amongst all mankind. As such he went preaching all around for the remaining 45 years of his to finally achieve Mahaparinirvan at the age of 80 which also took place on a summer full-moon. It was many many centuries later that communist leaders like Karl Marx (Germany), Frederick Angeles (Germany), Vladimir Lenin (Russia), Joseph Stalin (Russia), Mao Tse Tung (China), Kim Il Sung (Korea), Ho Chi Minh (Vietnam), Fidel Castro (Cuba), etc. started following his noble path. In Nepal also a late leader like Pushpa Lal Shrestha is to be well remembered. Sir Shrestha was the Founder of the first Communist Party of Nepal in all the political history and always wanted to collect white money only instead of black money. He was honest and poverty stricken as well in a permanent manner. I heard sometimes he stood broke and did not possess money to buy medicine even for himself. How sad indeed! Hence we all ought to realize that he was far away from any greed that could ultimately incur in the corrupted society he was bound to live in. Gone are the days! Please be warned that nevertheless the Communist Party of Nepal in the present atmosphere exercises fake communism to nobody’s advantage. It is found that Nepal has not witnessed genuine development and progress simultaneously as required by the innocent citizens. The sober residents but are forced to live as victims under their tyrannical administration. They are but selfish leaders who never know how to respect the Dhamma. Or more accurately, they are Dharma-less citizens for sure. They adjust any mandatory communism by word of mouth alone, not by deed. We ably ought to teach them as a penalty along with proceeding in pursuit of non-violence. They, who have offended the Dhamma, are to be exterminated from the society that is religiously set up.

Referring to the Peace Grove of LUMBINI alone, the world has declared Nepal a “Zone of Peace” for sure. Be reminded well that a Hindu State can never never be declared a “Zone of Peace” at all commenting whatever, you see. All I intend to stress is Buddhism stands far more important than Hinduism after all. It is a leading religion amidst the existing World Heritage Sites including Swayambhu Mahachaitya, Khasti Mahastup and Lumbini Peace Grove. Besides that, Kathmandu Valley has too been recognized as a prestigious part of the "Seven Wonders of the Buddhist World." In the beginning, the religion but became familiar in the east; today it has been spread to the west as well. As such, no mankind on this planet can ever ignore the holy land situated at the laps of the Great Himalayan Ranges of South Asia that stretches from west to east for some 500 miles in total length. He also once announced his favorite and trustworthy disciple like Anand: “After I am no more O Anand! Men of belief will visit the place with faith, curiosity and devotion……... Lumbini the place where I was born. The path to ultimate peace is spiritual discipline.” As a matter of fact, Anand happened to be his own cousin brother as well besides being put under compulsion to act as a sincere follower. What a mutual relation creeping in the wake of instructing the world the rich tenets of THERVAD indeed. LUMBINI is a common land for everybody. All are most welcome to the pious garden. The front-door is open all day in mere anticipation of sentient beings. Lord Buddha never lacked any human beings of superior order against inferior order, the wealthy against the poor. Let us adopt a newly refined and reformed life-style to continue with our remaining part of the journey while also keeping in mind regularly the glorious Dhamma.

Authentic THERVAD which is sometimes consulted as the Buddha-Dharma or even just the Dhamma inserted in simple oriental vernacular is expedited to be professed by many men and women who have taken birth on this earth. The holy book entitled Dhammapad, which has also been published in many modern mediums today, must be studied and shared by the others too considering as one’s ample duty. This comprehensive text of Dhammapad, brought to universal limelight with different relevant translations available, also tries to struggle much with the untouchable norms imposed by the upper class Brahmins on the lower caste laymen who were basically poor according to their economic status, less educated or even having never attended any academic tuition as well. The lower classes would include the pipers, cobblers, fisher-men, black-smiths, sweepers, tailors, boat-men, lumber-jacks, dyers, coolies, porters, etc. who have all been strictly forbidden to enter any kitchen-rooms of the upper classes. Water from their hands was not accepted either though scientifically proven that the liquid contained in was not polluted in any way. Some innocent servants and maids were almost treated as slaves. This was then functioning as an evil deed. It is a social crime too. I heard that even at present serfdom is practiced nominally around the rural parts of Nepal including the hamlets and villages, i.e. in the far west and in the far east which constitutes as a sheer mockery to humanity though the law also does not give in at all. Therefore we the rest of the citizens must feel obliged abundantly to eradicate such a colossal fault. No more scorning around. The current government of Nepal, full of power mongers, too never bothers to deal necessarily with the existing defilement. So must all of us recognize the superb moral of “Evil deeds corrupt good manners” with a thrust of keen interest. The Brahmins are on purpose condescending themselves to smear their reputation. According to a hearsay rumor, it is alleged that Jesus Christ later copied the philosophical doctrines of Lord Buddha. By the way, only heaven knows the subtle truth. Any way, Lord Buddha was decently in quest of a very special theory that would massacre the ill willed treatment of the wicked Brahmins supposedly to support the ranking of capitalist, bourgeoisie and proletariat classes and desired much to rise equally and live happily ever after altogether eliminating any discrimination, domination and exploitation that show up as a mean obstacle on the long run. The confrontation must be checked spontaneously. Let us all approach with a serene mind till death do us apart in order to attain cosmic Nirvana.