Date: 07/03/2021

News of governments "integrating" the Muslims, that is "taming the Islamic tiger", are coming from China, Myanmar, Hungary, Denmark, Switzerland, Austria and Australia on daily basis.

WHY do they NOT inspire or encourage a single Hindu Member of Parliament in New Delhi to show "Shakti" (guts & patriotism) whereby the INDIAN Muslims, too, may be asked, or expected, to "behave" like their previous generations during the British rule of India?

In those days none mentioned "second nation", "love jehad" or "Pakistan"!

It appears that in 1940 ("Pakistan Resolution" in Lahore) the Indian Muslims (our compatriots) suddenly noticed the disunity, confusion and weakness of the majority community (Hindus) "led" by MK Gandhi, and became bold overnight. They saw the "vacuum" and shouted, "Eureka!" They captured one third of India effortlessly seven years later.

Can our combined genius and "Shakti" not make them behave as in those days when India had Lahore and Chittagong in her, and none heard of "love jehad", Sharia Law or Minorities Commission?

Question: What will happen if we don't "tame the tiger"?

We bet none in Lok Sabha knows as to what happened at Somnath, Mathura, Varanasi and Ayodhya in previous centuries, and in Malabar, Noakhali, West Punjab and North Kashmir in our life time! And is anybody in Partitioned India talking of tomorrow if the tigers are becoming ubiquitous?