Date: 22/03/2021



I hail from West Punjab and our experience in Lahore, Multan and Rawalpindi was the same as you describe what happened in Kashmir.

That experience has never left me even for a second and in these SEVEN DECADES there was enough time to reflect upon the cause of our plight in Punjab and Kashmir (as well as in BENGAL).

My observation on the subject leads me to the conclusion, "MURDERS TOOK PLACE IN LAHORE BECAUSE THE GOVERNMENT IN DELHI WAS LED BY JACKALS and DONKEYS." In the previous one hundred years when the Government was led by "LIONS" there had been NO murders and rapes in Lahore at all!

We the slavish PEOPLE of India idealize those leaders like "Mahatma" GANDHI and the "so-called greatest freedom fighter", the TRAITOR OF MILLENNIUM Jawaharlal Nehru, who was strolling in the company of Edwina Mountbatten when Multan was burning and was driving through Delhi, sitting in open-top car next to Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad!

Did these NATIVE, HINDU "rats" not know of Marshal STALIN doing the demographic shift in CRIMEA and KALININGRAD? Did these "dogs" not know of Russia changing the demography of SHAKHALIN Islands after their capture?

Why is the Muslim majority "FROZEN" in J & K State? Does the Government of POST-PARTITION India need Washington's permission to move the "second nation" out of Kashmir and scatter them across Bharat JUST AS WE, NRI'S ARE SCATTERED ACROSS THE WHOLE WORLD?

The whole world knows the KEY TO PEACE but our own worshipful top leaders insist on serving the milk with goat's droppings, calling it "pure".

These "goat droppings" in our milk are the TERROR of "MOHAMMED" in Partitioned India. After all, the Hindus, COLLECTIVELY, are still like the "goats", like their Mahatma!

For SAFETY of Hindus in Multan and Srinagar the nation had to REPLACE Gandhi by MEN like STALIN, CHURCHILL or MAO TSE TUNG. Have we heard of the Muslims doing ethnic cleansing of the Hun Chinese in Xinjiang Province where they (the Muslims) are a majority?

But what can we say about the country where an average HINDU still adores Mohammed and will kiss the foot of Nehruji, Indiraji, Soniaji and Rahulji?

Our history has become copious descriptions of murder, mutilation, abduction and rape of the Hindus, and the destruction of temples. Alarm bells are ringing over the growing numbers and strength of the Muslims who brought their RELIGION & IDEOLOGY from the DESERT of Arabia in order to thrust upon the people of Hindusthan.

Finally, it is a Government's PRIMARY responsibility to ensure the safety of their citizens. So, how would we rate the Government of India on the scale 1 to 10 with regard to safety of the Hindus in Kashmir, Bengal and Kerala? And if the consensus is ZERO then the whole world knows WHO TO HANG for the dereliction of DUTY!

None else but the GOVERNMENT OF INDIA (BHARAT) has committed the capital crime of BETRAYING each and every citizen in Bharat, not only in J & K State, who was killed or forced to flee his/her home.

POINT THE FINGER NOWHERE ELSE! It is useless to point the finger at the Muslims who are killing the Hindus and at the Christians who are robbing Hindu souls. They are BEYOND our reach. But WITHIN REACH ARE THE RULERS OF BHARAT, who should be ELIMINATED- sooner the better!

It was their PRIMARY duty to protect the lives and homes of the Hindus across Bharat, not only in South Kashmir and West Bengal!