Date: 24/03/2021


There is no way out for us than to STRENGTHEN & EMPOWER Bharat. It's a Super Power in shambles if Hindus fear for life in West Bengal and South KASHMIR.

But disunity, corruption, "baboo raj" (snail-pace & red-tape administration) and the presence of treacherous "second nation" are all insurmountable obstacles in the way of India that prevent the regeneration of the natives. The government has failed (and IS FAILING) to ensure the safety of her own citizens, be they Hindu or Sikh, leave aside dominate the entire sub continent as a super power!

The only community, apparently enjoying full freedoms due to government patronage, appeasement & favours are the Muslims, a protected and pampered specie, now increasing rapidly in numbers, aspiring to take over Hindusthan once again by demographic BOMB! The BOMB was used with spectacular SUCCESS in 1947 when India could not even hold on to LAHORE. Attention inevitably focuses on the PEOPLE who are ruling her.

India appears to be extremely WEAK when it comes to Kashmir. She has not shown any initiative to ensure the Hindus' safety in the Valley while every Kashmiri Muslim is a "VIP" at home and across Bharat. He can live anywhere, work anywhere and even buy land or buildings anywhere without fear or hesitation.

Sorry, rather ashamed, to acknowledge that only TWO THIRDS of India, called "Bharat" is free but even in this the Hindus are not safe but fear for life and daughters. Government has not ensured safety of citizens. IMPLICATIONS: Citizens will not simply run away like the Sikhs in West Punjab, Hindus in East Bengal and KASHMIR but arm themselves and finally take Law in their own hands. What is the alternative?

I think we all need to open our eyes with regard to REALITY on ground. The reality is that Hindu is not safe in Hindusthan, not only in Kashmir.

There ought to be serious discussions on the "state of the nation" in Bharat and the threats from outside and WITHIN.

Author A. 24 March 2021