Date: 30/03/2021


A teacher has been suspended and the head teacher apologized to the Muslim for showing the picture of Mohammed in the class.

One wonders why Muslims take family photographs or draw pictures of their own families and friends.
Why what is "haraam" in the case of their Prophet Mohammed is "halaal" in the case of their wives, daughters, sons and friends?"
BEWARE OF THEIR DOUBLE STANDARDS. They can gang up in no time to disrupt a country's peaceful life - a country that accepted them in good faith when they came hungry, semi-naked and begging, to be let in.

Why are they always so frustrated, disgruntled, unhappy and angry that at a most harmless incident they are willing to "fight it out" and to "teach the majority community a lesson"?

Who knows this better than the people in PARTITIONED INDIA where the sight of a Non Muslim was provocation enough to break up the country into three fragments (1947) while SLAUGHTERING two million & expelling from their homes 12 million innocent citizens including infants who had never even heard of Mohammed! In Pakistan several Christians, including children, have been lynched to death, or killed outright, for perceived "insult of Mohammed"! Draw your own conclusions if you have "trigger happy" Muslims in your neighborhood.

Warning, too, to Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany, who opened the floodgates to the Muslims in 2015 to warn all the citizens, including the teachers and journalists, never to draw any picture of Mohammed or show one to the others.

By the way had it been in any school in (appeasing) Bharat one can imagine what would have happened to the school and all the staff there! Think of the fate of the Hindus in South Kashmir where none drew Mohammed's picture!

Although the Muslims are so protective of Mohammed they do insult Hindu gods and goddesses even in Bharat. Should they not get the same treatment what they give to the others? Please, do answer the question.

25 March 2021.