Ill-trained policemen massacred

Date: 05/04/2021

5 April 2021.
Subject: Re: Ill-trained policemen massacred because of “inefficient” IPS Officers?

These days concerned officers don't act and never visit AOR because politicians interfere in their work. Politicians don't work because they don't know their jobs and higher officers avoid them because of this. There is no co-ordination among any of them unlike in China where the party leaders, people's reps and officials have to sit together for common good of all.

I once asked some elected reps for their inaction. One of them said that system does not support them and they have no staff or office in their constituency and officials do not co-operate because constitution and CMs don't issue order to Beaucrats to coopt with elected reps.

Another one, an MP remarked that they do only what party tells them to do. So system is virtually on sick bed since independence and is in chains, irrelevant and hopelessly non- existent. The constitution of India is a system to run a colony for privileges of New Viceroys and Collectors etc. and is copy and paste of Government of India Act 1935, a document which was thirst on us and people have no say in it at all. Things were a little different way back in time due to individual personages.

One of our CMs back in seventies, a highly educated person and an ex-Judge of pre-independence days, whom I knew he would go to office at 12 noon, held weekly cabinet meetings and would travel, at times, he would walk long distances and used to take a stroll at night, never took any police guard on any occasion and kept no security at his home and would stop to talk to any one who greeted him. Such people are rare now and once remarked that if you asked me which was the best job in India I would say being a CM of the state was the best job. None of his ministers had any cavalcade and therefore officials could be seen walking to Secretariat. I was horrified six years back to see a SDM coming to our institution with five to six escort cars, police personnel and also his staff.

A few middle level civilian officials demand protocol a word for them meaning grand reception. I see all junior level officials now being driven in cars and no checks on this illegal and unauthorized luxury which most often is misused for personal benefits. All officials including IAS and IPS must travel at their own.

I for a change, despite being entitled a Staff car, never used it on Sundays, never permitted my children to sit in it and always waited and sat outside for their turn like any body else.
Yet another incident I recollect and had seen was a person sitting in the OPD waiting for Ophthalmologist to come. I didn't recognize the person but told him politely that he would be coming soon. I asked for his name and was surprised when he politely revealed his name. He was head of a political party in a State, a prominent figure, ready to become CM. We are in trouble these days because of absence of such leaders.

So यधा राजा तथा प्रजा
राजा देवम प्रिया प्रजा सुखिनः भवन्तु

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Ill-trained policemen massacred because
of “inefficient” IPS Officers?

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