Date: 05/04/2021


Dear patriots,

"Army is from the womb of the civilian population!"

Please read the following e-mail with authentic proof that the Army cannot passively "watch" massacres of civilians going on for days (1984) and months (1947), waiting for orders that do not come if the political top is the enemy (1947) and malicious or rogue (1984).

Did we have a slavish THIRD CLASS army that obeyed the most detrimental command from "superior" authority to cease fire in Kashmir in 1948 while our JAWANS were advancing, fighting fiercely, shedding blood, losing precious lives, for every inch of soil they were recovering from the enemy? That order by Jawaharlal Nehru was blatantly anti-national. Yet the whole nation did not dare to question, leave aside lynching him in public! He robbed our brave Army of victory that was within reach. What Italians did to Mussolini the Indians had to do to Nehru. The justification is obvious!

There hasn't been a storm of protest over this, or over the earlier High Treason by Nehru of UNCONDITIONALLY surrendering one third of India in 1947 when every inch of sacred soil of "Bharat Mata" had to be defended to the last man. He is still revered, e.g., "Nehru Bhawans" and even the name of a university in the Capital, due to general Hindu ethos & crushed mentality of the nation that the "Sultan, or the Empress, is always right!" or, to "mind one's own business even if all the neighbours are slaughtered - even if the country goes to Hell"!

In the case of genocide of the innocent Sikhs in Delhi (1984) it was particularly hurtful since they are the very community that gives a good number of their sons (and daughters) to the gallant Indian Armed Forces in order to defend the country (and us all)!

It will be helpful, of course, if we "RELATE" to fellow Hindus, to remind the top military brass of the need to intervene in such EXTREME cases (occurring once or twice in a century) as cited above.

5 April 2021
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in November 1984 during the genocide of INNOCENT Sikhs in Delhi and also while the widespread massacres, forcible abductions and rape were taking place of Hindus across West Punjab (when all the troops were in their Cantonments like Multan, Lahore, Rawalpindi and so on), while the world's worst genocide was taking place across West Punjab, not for a few days but for several months till the entire Hindu/Sikh population was wiped out --- the military especially Hindu military in West Pakistan could have easily acted to protect the innocents in 1947 under
Section 131 of The Code Of Criminal Procedure, 1973 which reads as :-

131. Power of certain armed force officers to disperse assembly. When the public security is manifestly endangered by any such assembly and no Executive Magistrate can be communicated with, any commissioned or gazetted officer of the armed forces may disperse such assembly with the help of the armed forces under his command, and may arrest and confine any persons forming part of it, in order to disperse such assembly or that they may be punished according to law; but if, while he is acting under this section, it becomes practicable for him to communicate with an Executive Magistrate, he shall do so, and shall thenceforward obey the instructions of the Magistrate, as to whether he shall or shall not continue such action.

This section 131 of Cr.P.C. was applicable in essence to pre-partition India as well as to Pakistan. Hence Mr. Rajput is right that it is mainly the Hindu army which is to be blamed for said widespread massacres, forcible abductions and rape of Hindus / Sikhs in 1947 in West Pakistan & in 1984 in Delhi.

HR Jain