Date: 11/11/2021

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The ones who destroyed Bamian Buddhas foolishly realizing least that till the
time they prayed and followed Buddhist, Hindu and Zoroastrian faith, they lived in peace and prosperity and enlightenment. Now they have fallen to lowest creed of humanity destroyed more by their deeds and evil disposition. They antagonize Genghis Khan who attacked them for the reasons the present Afghanistan was attacked reducing them to primitive devices.

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Afghans sell daughters to avoid starvation

The Daily Telegraph, London, dated November 3, 2021. P. 13

Desperation forcing families to trade young children for money and food as poverty grips nation

By Ben Farmer in Islamabad

The little Afghan girl hesitates as she is led from her home and tries to pull away to stay with her family.

The white-bearded man who has just bought her takes her arm and insists she follow him to his waiting car.

He has paid her poverty-stricken parents £1,600 ($2,200) for their nine-year-old daughter and she now belongs to him.
Earlier her heartbroken father had given his reluctant permission. "This is your bride," he told the man. "Please take care of her - you are responsible for her now, please don't beat her."

Such harrowing scenes, filmed by CNN in rural Afghanistan, are feared to being played out again and again as destitute families are forced to sell their daughters just so remaining family members can eat.

The Taliban's take-over of Afghanistan has deepened an economic collapse which the United Nations has warned could soon leave 97 per cent of the population below the poverty line.

Afghans face a "tsunami of destitution" and need $200 million (£147 million) a month in aid to stave off starvation and catastrophe after the Taliban take-over, the UN warned last week.

Large numbers of Afghan civilians risk dying in the coming months as the country is caught in a stand-off between its new Taliban rulers and the nations that once bankrolled the ousted government. "Day by day, the numbers are increasing of families selling their children," said Mohammad Naiem Nazem, a human rights activist in Badghis.

"Lack of food, lack of work, the families feel they have to do this."

Drought, war, the Covid pandemic and now the collapse of the Afghan economy have tipped millions of Afghans into desperate poverty and there are fears many will face starvation this winter.

Abdul Malik said he had little choice other than to sell his daughter, called Parwana. "We are eight family members," he told CNN. "I have to sell to keep other family members alive."

He said he had borrowed money and travelled from his refugee camp in Badghis to the nearby town of Qala--e-Naw to look for work to try to avoid the sale, but without success.

His family has lived in a camp for the past four years, surviving on his meagre wages as a labourer and humanitarian aid. But aid has dried up since donors cut funding after the Taliban takeover and the faily have nothing. Mr Malik said.

He had already sold Parwana's 12-year-old sister several months ago.

Parwana's buyer was a 55-year-old man called Qorban. The sale was agreed for a mixture of sheep, land and cash.

He said Parwana would be looked after by his wife and treated as one of his own children. "(Parwana) was cheap, and her father was very poor and he needs money," Qorban said.

(news item continues to two more columns.)

It is noteworthy that FELLOW MUSLIMS, some "filthy" rich, including the oil shaikhs and wealthy Arab countries, are not helping fellow Muslims. Thousands upon thousands of these starving MUSLIM migrants are arriving in Europe daily, taking risk of life.

5 Nov 21