Date: 22/02/2022

Rightly one is concerned over his misplaced generosity towards the strangers & foreigners while at home there are still pockets of acute poverty and malnutrition and above all, the betrayal of Hindusthan by sweeping "PARTITION" under the carpet.

One could understand Nehru's motive to make his High Treason invisible, but there is no reason or excuse for the prime minister of BJP today to forget our ancient towns and cities, farms and fields, and our holy gurdwaras and mandirs that are still under enemy occupation.

For what reason has Lahore become a FOREIGN city now while DELHI is the heart of Hindusthan?

For over SEVEN DECADES Bharat Mata has been waiting for a true son, inspired by the teachings, words and deeds of Sri Krishna and Sri Ram, who will question the unconditional surrender of Karachi, Multan, Lahore, Gilgit and East Bengal in 1947 instead of throwing it out of mind for ever.

Is it just because of the great reverence felt for the couple of opportunist and selfish, or SCARED, politicians, one of whom, Jawaharlal NEHRU, could not wait to jump on the prime minister's chair - come what may?

Despite the immaculate image created by the rulers, of those rotten men who were entrusted with the talks on the destiny of our Hindusthan, who are dust or ash now, the nation must now "come of age" and become fearless to accept the fact that Partition was illegitimate, unpatriotic, separatist, divisive and undemocratic act that was forced upon the nation by powerful FOREIGN masters who could so easily convince Messrs Gandhi and Nehru that breaking up our ancient land of culture, spirituality and wisdom, was a good, even desirable, act.

Shri Modi (who else?) was expected to initiate the discussion on PARTITION both in Lok Sabha and across the country. That he has not done so, amounts to betrayal of AKHAND BHARAT. Under no circumstances should we accept Partition without POPULATION EXCHANGE. That is the basic requirement to consider Partition legitimate and acceptable.