Date: 10/04/2022


Dear patriots,
If we do not wish Sri Amritsar and Kolkata to go the way of Lahore and Dhaka, then we need to do what the bashed, battered, degraded and terrified slaves cannot do even in their dream, that is, to vigorously COMMEND our own native religions to a Mohammedan privileged to live on the soil of Sri Ram, Sri Krishna, Gautam Buddha and Guru Nanak Devji.

Those who think this is a dangerous step or against the Law of land, or secular Constitution, ought to remember how Islam was propagated in Hindusthan and how our “Akhand Bharat” ended in the present disgusting shape!

We should remember the days when our ancestors were threatened, “Islam or death!”, and recall the fate of those who refused. Those who refused were ruthlessly despatched to the next world in the manner as cruel as one’s imagination can stretch.

We need to recall the day when the Pandits of Kashmir came to Guru Tegh Bahadurji to intervene with the intolerant fanatic Mohammedan Emperor. The divine Guru was given the same choice as tens of millions of other Hindus, “Either Islam or lose your head!” The Guru has inspired the coming generations by sticking firmly to his Faith, but not quite. The enslaved Hindus failed to be inspired and did not stick to their religion as they ought to have. The frontier of Bharat would have been at Khyber Pass and Lahore and East Bengal in the map of Bharat today. The Hindus got badly mauled and defeated when we ought to have been victorious and jubilant!

By 1947 the Muslims exceeded the natives (Hindus and Sikhs) in number, and the three barristers (Jinnah, Gandhi and Nehru) could jointly come to agree that India ought to be cut and chopped as per numbers. Lahore and Dhaka were lost. So were Gilgit and Chitral at one end and Sylhet and Chittagong at the other.

The blow of “Partition” has been so stunning and crippling to our brains that even to talk about it is considered “dangerous”. Hence the topic is avoided by the President and the Peon alike in Partitioned India (Broken Bharat).

But that is no way to push the topic under the carpet in order to look brave and tell our children that the native stalwarts like Gandhi and Nehru “chased the British out” and India became independent!
A whole generation has gone without hearing the word “Partition” from any minister, MP or Governor. The worst criminals for this treacherous cover up are the members of Parliament in India, known as “Lok Saba”, that is determined to suppress the details of the “dirty” deal struck with Mr Jinnah to carve out an Islamic Republic (Pakistan) within the borders of India - and at the cost of India! If Bharat Mata had any friend or guardian on earth, then he, or she, was “dead” in 1947.

The three barristers-at-law (“devils” as far as India is concerned!) also decided that the surrender of territory will be unconditional, that is, no condition attached to it, and there would be NO population exchange!

In the event the betrayed Hindus and Sikhs were totally WIPED OUT in Pakistan while Mr (“Mahatma”) MK Gandhi firmly insisted that no Muslim should come to any harm in Bharat. All the subsequent governments of India have been dutifully looking the other way while the Muslims have been multiplying in numbers. History teaches lessons to all the nations on earth but not to the Hindus who instantly threw “Partition” out of mind.

History’s most ridiculous and disgusting unconditional surrender took place on August 15, 1947, now called “Independence Day” in Bharat. There is no memorial for the two million Hindus slaughtered and the tens of millions forced out of their homes lest it remind the coming generations of Hindus that once their Bharat’s frontier was at Khyber Pass before crashing down to Wagah due to High Treason committed by those who were, and still are, considered above Law by the born slaves!
If we wish to save Delhi from the fate of Lahore then the slaves must take over the role of masters on the LAND of their own ancestors for the survival of the “Rest” of India. That means REDUCING THE NUMBER OF MUSLIMS IN PARTITIONED INDIA TO ZERO.

Of course, there will be uproar in the world, “Hindu is fanatic. Hindu is radical. Hindu is dangerous!”
Our response ought to be, “The Muslims and their Koran are the two “Pills of Poison” in our secular India!”

Dear fellow Hindus (and Sikhs), please remain calm, and remind them of “Partition” that left Bharat MINUS Lahore, Sri Nankana Sahib and Chittagong?”

Finally, please ask the critics, “What will happen in the Rest of India when the Muslim numbers exceed in Delhi as they did in Lahore in 1947?” All critics will shut up and see the point of eradicating the Muslims from “Broken” Bharat like cancer from a healthy body. That will be beneficial for Bharat as well as for the entire mankind!

“Dear Indian Muslims, we are, indeed, fortunate to have excellent divine spiritual guides (Avtars, Mahatmas and Gurus) who were born in Hindusthan Why then follow an outmoded crude and rigid belief system (religion) of the 7th century wild bedouins who used to roam about in the desert of Arabia for livelihood? You can clearly see that the Islam from Arabia is out of date by more than a thousand years from modern societies where women enjoy equal rights with men. It degrades the women by forcing them to stay at home and cover up their faces when outside. Go to Afghanistan, the ideal Islamic State, and see how they treat the women and girls there!

“Further, Islam is not indigenous in Bharat. It came from the distant Arabian desert. It was brought by invaders, and it was forced upon the peaceful Hindus (natives) by threat of death. Your ancestors had lived in Bharat since the beginning of time. You have Indian blood. None in your families speaks the Arabic language. The Arabs do not “relate” to you. They regard you “Indian”! Yet you cry for the two Arabs, Hasan and Hussain, who were killed during battle in Iraq but you do not cry for the two younger sons of Guru Gobind Singhji who were entombed alive to die of suffocation. Those two small boys were your own race, colour, culture, language and blood! Typically slavish mentality to cry for foreigners who have nothing in common with you, not even language, race, history and civilization, who look down upon you!

“Do you need to follow a foreign prophet when there is no dearth of naïve prophets in India which is the only country on earth where the best and genuine religions originated.

“When we buy a product we compare it with the others. Similarly, we have the freedom to follow a native prophet or a foreigner. In what way do you consider it right and proper to prefer an OUTSIDER, born in Arabia, to your own holiest of holies, Sri Ram, Sri Krishna, Guru Nanak Devji, even Mahatma Buddha? The choice is so magnificent!

Who in your own family “relates” to a man who treated women so shabbily as objects and made divorce so easy?

“You should think for yourself and for the country you were born in, and live in, that is, the Indian sub continent. Who have better Faiths, the ones that preach universal love and tolerance or the ones that are war monger “Jehadi”, who conquered country after country, destroyed civilization after civilization- from Morocco to Indonesia, who wiped out the Christians in Syria, the Jews in Iraq, the Zoroastrians in Iran, the Buddhists in Afghanistan - and the Hindus in Pakistan?”
We should speak to the Muslims with the courage of conviction. Our priests should be better trained to address the Muslims. The performance of the temples in preventing conversions to Islam is most dismal.

“The Hindus in Hindusthan have seen the spread of Islam with trepidation. OUR LAND IS SHRINKING. It is now time for a mighty roll back, starting from Partitioned India. Anyone who imports a bride from abroad has rejected all the native girls. Similarly, a Mohammedan living in Hindusthan has rejected all the native prophets, mahatmas and gurus!

We say to the Indian Muslims, “After you return Islam to where it came from, you will find peace that you never had in the “Jehadi macho” Islam.

“It is only common sense to buy the local product when it is superior to all the products from the rest of the world. As Hindus you will contribute to the future peace and development of the sub continent but as a Muslim, facing Mecca while praying in an alien language, you will only dream of destroying the civilized world and raise suspicion and fear among the natives (Hindus) who will have to resort to all possible means to get rid of you like cancer in the body, like an enemy within, like a Pakistani seen as Indian in the whole world!

“Remember, India is the only blessed land that gave birth to genuine religions, that will give you peace of mind and eternal peace to the country that will become “Akhand Bharat” eventually when Islam is returned to its land of origin. It will be good for all mankind.

11 April 2022