Date: 10/05/2022


The news that 800 Hindu families who applied for stay in Bharat ("Mata") were refused permission by BJP government is the most serious violation of the "Father of all Bharatiya Constitutions", that is, the "PARTITION" of 1947!

The compliant Constitution of India was written up only after the "MURDER" of India (Akhand Bharat) as the whole world knew her until JL Nehru took over the middle fragment of the Indian sub continent, calling it "Bharat". Bharat, in reality, had to be the home of all the non Muslims, who were called "The Rest" in 1947!

Partition was accepted as legal, proper and just by both Nehru and Gandhi who did NOT refuse to sign the "DOCUMENT OF INDIA'S DOOM". When they agreed to PARTITION our India, the country of Sri Ram and Guru Nanak, was divided between the MUSLIMS and the "RIFF RAFF". The so-called Hindus, Sikhs, Jains, Buddhists etc., etc., all fell in this category and treated as "riff raff". The word Hindu does not appear at PARTITION! They were included in the term "The Rest."

Hindus, being a VOICELESS SILENT majority, were neither seen nor heard, nor consulted at PARTITION talks. Such was the power ratio among the communities in 1947. A minority easily overwhelmed the majority and had the last laugh!

Hence the Hindus were totally IGNORED while enforcing PARTITION as well as while writing the CONSTITUTION of the "Partitioned Indian Secular State", that catered for Pandit Nehru's whims and ideas. It soon led to "Hindu bashing" and Sikh genocides who became "aliens" in their own country!

ISRAEL, that never suffered ultimate degradation under Islamic occupation has a different kind of Constitution. Accordance to it any Jew anywhere on earth, entering the country has the RIGHT to live in Israel permanently. This is how the Hindus, EQUALLY persecuted for centuries like the Jews, could have secured their own exclusive homeland in Bharat. But that was not to be as we saw in the following cases:-

1. PARTITION: Hindus were slaughtered, robbed and EXPELLED 'en masse' from Pakistan while the Muslims were allowed to stay put in the very country that they had "bled to death" and finally broken up (destroyed)!

2. Sri Ram Temple in Ayodhya: Hindus could not muster guts collectively to claim the historic Temple in Ayodhya but had to approach the Supreme Court for the verdict! There was no conviction that Sri Ram was above a thousand "supreme courts" in "Partitioned Indian Secular State"! Not one native (Hindu) asked the question, "By which legal right were the grand temples at Mathura, Somnath, Varanasi and Ayodhya destroyed in the first place?" And which Supreme Court did Mohammed Ali Jinnah go to, to capture LAHORE and KHYBER PASS?

3. 800 Hindu families who arrived from Pakistan, fed up with the persecution, discrimination and degradation, were refused permanent stay in Bharat!

It is time to discard this obsolete pro Islamic, anti Hindu Constitution and declare the Partitioned Indian Secular State a "HINDU RASHTRA". Only then will the world see just one Hindu country standing up to FIFTY Islamic republics where a Hindu is a SECOND CLASS citizen as per Constitution!

The "Spirit and Shakti" of this e-mail ought to have come from the "Rashtrapati" of Partitioned Indian Secular State, not from an NRI. The SUPREME COMMANDER of Bharat ought to "RELATE" to every Hindu from Kashmir to West Bengal like member of his own Hindu family. It must be a mandatory requirement to "relate" strongly to one another since India was broken up in violence and bloodshed in order to give IDENTITY (and PRIDE) to the downtrodden Hindus!

Sending the 800 Hindu families back to ISLAMIC Pakistan is a dangerous message to the rest of the world that "ORPHANED" Hindus have no homeland where they can live with dignity and pride!

Where should the persecuted Hindus in any ISLAMIC republic go if they are forced to CONVERT, or pay Jezia, or fear for their daughters?

10 May 2022