Date: 07/06/2022

Yes, The THREE Strikes Law is Highly deserved to be served
to Modi / Amit Shah now:

1. Capitulated in W.B against begum Momta, by letting down
all the BJP supporters, especially many women supporters, who
were brutally raped and were forced to migrate to Assam.

2. In Kashmir, failed to stop the targeted attacks against Hindus
who are again forced to leave Kashmir valley. However, still
Hindu tourists are filling the coffers of local Muslims!

3. Right under their noses Natwarlal (Kujriwal) has beaten them
in CAA, settling Rohingya & B'deshis and providing free water,
ration and electricity. The duo could not even carry out one bulldoer
operation successfully in any Muslim area!

4. Surrendered against farmers & Khalistanis both during farmer's
agitation (26/01 pre planned attack) and now in fast deteriorating
law & order situation in Punjab.

5. Now, Modi has sacrificed his own party's spokesperson
Nupur Sharma in the most disgraceful means possible.

6. Many temples have been raed to ground in Andhra Pradesh
& TN. Nil accountability for such high handed actions by the ventre.
Also, what has happened to many ordinary Maharashtrians
in the past one year is a total disgrace for all central agencies.

These incidents have clearly proved that staying in power at all costs
is more important to this duo (Modi/ Amit Shah) than protecting the
interests of Hindus.

Now all Hindus must take all arms to protect themselves, as BJP
has proved itself to be a weak kneed party scared of its own
shadow. As an ex-defense officer I request all ex-defense servicemen
to train able bodied Hindus in the art of self protection.