Date: 03/06/2013


What a trap for the Hindus! (Gullible Hindus can be trapped most easily- anywhere and by anyone.)

The idea of this new capital is the grand plan for JOB CREATION for the Kashmiri Muslims. BILLIONS of dollars (or TRILLIONS of rupees) will be spent on the construction of the new town where all the contractors and labourers will be MUSLIM. Which Hindu will risk his life to work among the Muslims within 100 miles of Srinagar after what they went through in 1989?

There will be unprecedented big scams, huge commissions and bribes (all to enrich the MUSLIMS & the DYNASTY) and countless "golden eggs" for the central government ministers and the Italian Mafia. For the Hindus it will be “grapes are sour!”

After the NAV SRINAGAR is ready and the trusting happy Hindu families move in to live, they will be encircled, harassed & harried, their girls venturing out will be abducted and converted. The Hindus will again be forced to FLEE, leaving the excellent houses with all the expensive fittings and furnishings, parks, schools, markets, shopping centres and offices for the MUSLIMS, just as we had to leave Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi and Dhaka in 1947.

The TWO "Srinagars" (OLD and NEW) will be merged to form a metropolis in order to serve as the grand capital of the UNITED KAHMIR. Government of India (our “sarkar-mai-baap”) does think that far!

That is the strategic goal of the Centre who love the enemy but hate the Hindus and Bharat. Did we not see Indira Gandhi (MAIMOONA BEGUM) promptly return East Bengal to ISLAM while planning her devastating Operation “Blue Star” against the Sikhs in East Punjab?

Kashmiri Hindus should trust their Government and the MUSLIMS at their own PERIL. They should first ASK, “Will you repeal Article 370 and will you allow some Indians to come and settle down in Kashmir BEFORE the construction of Nav Srinagar begins?” And, "Will you ARM for self defence all the Hindus living in a State that is under Article 370 of Constitution?

3 Jun 13.


I would like to congratulate you and all those who strongly rejected the idea of building a Twin City (Nav-Srinagar) supposedly for rehabilitating Kashmiri Pandits and Sikhs who were driven from Kashmir region as a result of genocide and ethnic cleansing spearheaded by Islamists and Pak-trained terrorists under the shadow of a sympathetic regime. I think it is important that all those organizations which oppose this idiotic scheme floated by the federal and state authorities stand up and similarly record their rejection. On our part when this scheme was brought to this what we had said:


With due respects to your bold explanation, I am afraid accepting the cleverly designed and purposely ambiguous scheme of twin-city concept without changing the geopolitical and administrative arrangements in which Kashmiri Pandits are politically, judicially, administratively and legislatively empowered to run its governing apparatus would be fundamentally contradictory to the letter and spirit of the principles of an autonomous Homeland as enshrined in the Margdarshan Proclamation. To claim that "accepting second city concept is NOT inconsistent with homeland" is a huge stretch from an autonomous homeland for the Pandits. It will be tantamount to Pandits being trapped in to the Indian establishment's political net for further appeasement of the Islamists, separatists and Jihadists and thereby further weakening the already tenuous bond between J&K and India.

Twin city or "Nav Srinagar" as proposed by the Interlocutors and endorsed by the Upper House of the Indian Parliament, is nothing but building yet another city with the same characteristics as the present Srinagar or as KMs have renamed it Shahr-e-Khas based on the same political, administrative, legislative, judicial and security arrangement. It just does not provide us autonomy to build our lives, future and destiny outside the domain and authority of the present Kashmiri political class which directly and indirectly took part in bringing about our 7th exodus. If we could not be saved in the present Srinagar how can we be safe and prosperous in the second Srinagar with the same socio-political and administrative framework? We have to be naive and brain dead to accept such a myth.

In the first place neither the GOI nor the Indian Parliament or its appointed Interlocutors have ever been serious about any of the schemes, plans, ideas, promises they made regarding the rehabilitation of the Pandits back in Kashmir. They bring in these ideas to mark time, appease anti-India political machine in Kashmir or improve the electoral prospects of the party in power in India. I am hundred percent convinced that the idea of the "twin-city" is yet one more "shosha" intended to provide temporary excitement to certain segments of the Kashmir population. A certain segment of Hindus who are already in debt to GOI will try to gain some political mileage out of it and the KMs will simply be pleased if stupid Indians invest additional trillions in building and giving them a new city. Truth of the matter is that India has rendered itself incapable of bringing about any change in Kashmir until and unless the complexion of Indian politics changes and/ or external pressures force New Delhi to risk any transformation. Till then we have to keep on fighting and keep the flame burning. I strongly believe that political change in India is around the corner.


I fully agree with you, but would like to rephrase your statement as follows:
Community building should be our first priority (therefore activities to the contrary must be discouraged. Different opinions are ok but in the end we must have unified position and action on major issues and act accordingly)and homeland our second. Accepting second city concept is NOT inconsistent with homeland. We must continue our struggle. Build on whatever we get. We got Jagruti township, we must take full advantage of it. And in the end it is our effort, as Dr kaul said that would bring results. For effort we have to have hope.

opinion 5

I must thank you for your kind endorsement of my suggestion and its appropriate elaboration. I am convinced that at this point in time the struggle for a Homeland and investments for community building must proceed side by side. Without a strong, unified, determined, well prepared and conscientious community we can neither realize our Homeland nor can we manage it. My appeal to every body is to please let us invest a little time and effort for making a difference in the lives of our fellow KPs. That positive and constructive attitude will go a long way in building an integrated and forward looking community ready to greet a better tomorrow.



Reiterating the undisputed importance of a separate Homeland for 7 lac exiled Kashmiri Pandits in Kashmir valley with union territory status, Panun Kashmir convener Dr Agnishekhar described the recently floated concept of Twin-city for displaced KPs reportedly by Interlocutors as yet another calculated move that would ultimately fetch package worth thousands of crores to build a new city 'nov srinagar' in the name of rehabilitation of displaced Kashmiri Pandits.

Addressing a press conference in Jammu,Dr Agnishekhar while rejecting this misleading twin-city concept that seems to be diplomatically designed by its authors at the behest of establishment to undermine and dilute the widely accepted separate homeland demand of Panun Kashmir .He cautioned the community members across the country in general and Jammu in particular against the machinations of a certain segment of KP public intellectuals who seem to have been assigned the job of creating massive public opinion in it's favour.

Dr Agnishekhar said it's unfortunate that this self styled group of individuals which even includes certain office bearers and associates of All India Kashmiri Samaj seems to be in touch with the senior separatist leaders of Kashmir valley for seeking their blessings for the return of pandits.

He rediculed the claim by the promoters of this concept that accepting the Twin-city proposal was not inconsistent with PK demand of homeland. Terming this move as a misleading propaganda he said the Twin-city concept is fundamentally contradictory to the 'marg-darshan resolution' of Panun Kashmir.If pandits are to be settled at all in this so-called secular and composite framework of the Twin -city ,then why couldn't they go of their own to their original homes and hearths instead.

Dr Agnishekhar pointed out that this proposed dispensation doesn't ensure non-refoulement,security,future,political space and above all, institutional and constitutional guarantees to the displaced KPs besides ,it is silent on their core issue of exodus and genocide.Kashmiri Pandits can not risk any such concept that could possibly be the proposed area where hundreds of Pakistan returned terrorists,Jammu based political migrants ,muslim migrants and thousands of displaced of Dal lake could be settled alongside.

PK convener Dr Agnishekhar cautioned the displaced KPs to be vigilant against being trapped into this luring illusion in waiting. He was flanked by.Omji bhatt senior activist,Sanjay Dhattatrey National Cordinator,Raja ji Tickoo organizing secretary Panun Kashmir, Krishan jee and Dr.S.N.Sumbly a social activist while talking to the media.

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