Date: 03/09/2022

You people are mentally sick.
Muslims of India have the best.
Indian economy is very strong.
They are enjoying it.
If they were in Pakistan, they will be facing horrible life.
Cannot you see this
Where is the freedom in Pakistan?
Civil war is going on.
Pakistan is broken financially.
No one wants to give loans.
No country wants Pakistani.
They are being kicked out even from Saudi Arabia.
No need to go in detail.
You all know this very well but have blinders on your mind and eyes.
Yes, there are troublemakers Muslims in India.
They can go to Pakistan or Bangladesh.
Now Muslims need to change.
Learn from Saudi Arabia and UAE.
In UAE Hindu temple has been build.
You who do not change will be swept away.
Muslims are horrible-trouble makers in the world.
Civil war is going on between Shia and Sunni in Iraq.
Muslims have many sects and hate each other or want to kill each other.
PM Modi ji is world leader-number one according to the survey.
GDP of India is now 13.5%.
Highest in the world.
Most of the Muslim countries love PM Modi ji and India.
Open your mind.
It is expected India will be a developed country.
Still not convinced.
Looks like you are mentally blind.

3 sEPTEMBER 2022