Date: 26/09/2022

Meet Veer Bahadur Singh Ji.

He is 92 years old and hails from Kohat Tehsil of Rawalpindi in Pakistan.

He was a teenager in March of 1947 when a mob of Peaceful community attacked his village and demanded one Hindu or Sikh girl from each family, if the villagers wanted to save their lives.

His father who was the chief of the village was told to deal with one Ghulam Rasul, who was the leader of the mob and he refused the offer. At the same time, he also knew that 100-150 households of Hindus & Sikhs won’t be able to hold off the mob for long.

He came back home, took out his Khanda (double-edge sword) and asked all the 24 women of his house to come into the room.

Every lady’s head was chopped off by his father and not a single lady resisted or cried.

Teenage Veer Bahadur was standing and watching all this happening in front of his eyes. He says, “I didn’t cry when I watched it. But I cried my entire life, whenever I remember my sisters, sister-in-laws, aunts giving up their lives, rather than submitting to the ignominy of being raped”. His eyes moisten as he recollects the past.