Immigration “reform” and national security USA.

Date: 04/06/2013

Immigration “reform” and national security

Sign our Open Letter to the leaders of the U.S. Congress


Legislation dubbed as “comprehensive immigration reform” is scheduled to head to the Senate floor this month.

Unfortunately, promises to ensure that the border is secured before millions of illegal immigrants are allowed into our country remain just that—PROMISES.

There is no requirement in the current Senate bill that our border be secured FIRST before doing anything else regarding immigration reform.

What’s more, jihadist terrorist attacks going as far back as 9/11/01 and as recent as the Boston Marathon demonstrate that our visa process is in dire need of reform to ensure that prospective terrorists can’t abuse it.

The Senate bill doesn’t accomplish this either.

In short, from a national security perspective, the Senate bill is sorely lacking and it’s important that the U.S. Congress hear from the folks back home that this just isn’t acceptable.

This is why we’re urging you to sign our Open Letter to the leadership of the U.S. Congress today—to send a loud and clear message that before they move forward on any other immigration reform matters, our border must be secured and our visa process effectively reformed.

We have an opportunity over the coming weeks to ensure that flawed immigration legislation does not move forward. This Open Letter will increase our chances of doing so.

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