Date: 05/06/2013

Thank you. You have DEVIATED from the main purport of our communication. It was about the neglect of Field Marshal Maneckshaw by the rulers of Bharat and the degradation of the brave Indian ARMED FORCES (used as mercenaries against the TAMILS and the SIKHS but NOT for genuine national interest to recover NORTH Kashmir and retain East Bengal in 1972). It was NOT about Indira's husband, the point you picked up so passionately totally overlooking the rest!

There are normally NO Parsis in Allahabad that is an "enemy infested citadel" (even the name is so fundamentalist non Indian!). Hindus ought to LEARN that those who attack their country, kill, rape and massacre millions of them, destroy their places of worship smashing sacred idols, and then OCCUPY their territory are the ENEMIES, definitely not "brothers"!

That is universally accepted fact & a reality though a weak nation can still call them "brothers" and regard an unvetted (security risk) Italian female "Rashtramata" or First Lady, That is their unilateral choice and their own collapse. The world has no objection if the Hindus grovel in dust or go out of the way to embrace the enemy, or ride "samjhauta express" buses to Lahore, but leave the great historic temple in Ayodhya in RUINS. The world only smiles at our foolishness and we think we are great!

Since Feroze did not drop from the sky, you may be able to find out the names of any of his uncles on the maternal and paternal sides and the names of his two living cousins, again from each of his parents. It's only the HINDUS who can so comfortably swim in the sea of ignorance and feel "sure" about everything.

Honourable Indians (including the "garam panthis") live in the most TREACHEROUS world where ignorance is SUICIDAL as is the case with Truth about Feroze Khan, Mamooon Begum and even Sonia Maino-Gandhi.

With respect to Sonia it is again our criminal negligence if we do not know her family background, what she was doing in England when she met the Son of an Inferiority complex smitten Indian "Coolie" in former British colony, who fell so promptly at her feet rejecting/neglecting all the native girls from the Hindu, even Parsi, stock!

Who is to give PRIDE to the natives and teach them PATRIOTISM? Most Indians feels so vulnerable, weak and terrified of their own rulers, however CORRUPT, dishonest, selfish and TREACHEROUS, that to look into their character and deeds would amount to giving a slap in the face to oneself, or blasphemy. Most cabinet ministers are into scams and bribes, yet not one minister is behind bars.

Although Allahabad was not so badly devastated like Lahore and Rawalpindi (in 1947) the RECORD of his (Feroze Khan's) birth should be available in Municipality. You will do a great service to procure one and send a copy to us. The gullible Hindus also need to obtain copies of Rajiv's QUALIFICATION and proof of Sonia's admission to Cambridge UNIVERSITY in England to make sure that they are not making a FOOL of themselves.!

Deception is in Dynasty's blood as it is in the nature of a Muslim: For example, to have a Muslim son-in-law would have been a disaster for Nehru's politics who himself was the son of a MUSLIM but continued to insist on Secularism. As we know a Muslim is the most devious and treacherous person. President OBAMA of the USA is the Son of a Muslim but would anyone have elected him to be President? So now apparently he is a staunch Christian but in reality a secret friend of the Muslims there! No different from Nehru Dynasty. How NEHRU rewarded his fellow Muslims at "Partition" but punished the hated Hindu Kafirs!

The clever barrister even substituted the words "unconditional surrender of five provinces" to "Independence of India" without mentoning the FIVE provinces that he had happily surrendered to his Muslim "brothers". Follish Hindus, too, started chanting "Hindu Muslim Bhai Bhai" and made Nehru their Prime Minister instead of some "Garam Panthi" shooting him dead!

Coming back to Indira, how many know again that she was MAIMOONA BEGUM, not Indira? No wonder she imposed Emergency and later ordered the attack on a holy shrine in Amritsar that has DESTABILISED East Punjab. And how and why did WEST Punjab disappear from the map of India if Nehru was a Hindu? How did EAST Bengal disappear from India is Indira was a HIndu? Why is SOUTH Kashmir still treated SEPARATELY from all other States if the Dynasty was Hindu? Why would the historic Temple in Ayodhya still be in RUINS if the Hindus were "something" in Hindusthan. We saw in contrast the brave Sikhs "BEHEADING" Maimoona Begum for her "ISLAMIC" act against their holy shrine. They are just 20 million (estimate). What about the guts and spirits of ONE BILLION when it comes to Sri Rama's birth place?

We are impressed by the patriotism of your family. We salute you for it. But cannot forget that despite all lthe "garam Panthis" and their PATRIOTISM India's "naram Panthis" (neutral Hindus allied with the indigenous MUSLIMS) prevailed, and India lost vast territories to the ENEMY and yet the MUSLIMS stayed on. They will soon be "attending" to the remaining "garam Panthis" in the near future.

The write-up below was meant to lay the FACTS of TREASON & TREACHERY of Dynasty. If Indira was eitehr a Parsi or a Hindu DOES NOT MATTER if she attempted to destroy a Holy shrine in Amritsar while NOT raising another in Ayodhya. Parsis are not so VICIOUSa nd ANTI TAMIL or ANTI HINDU or ANTI SENA!

It is most unfortunate that nothing seems to unite Hindus and move them an inch forward while if someone gives a call to rise the listeners are so easily distracted and confused over an irrelevant small detail. The main detail below is the lack of esteem for the late Field Marshal in particular and the neglect and degradation of the armed forced IN PARTICULAR in our BROKEN Bharat.


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I am no fan of Nehru, Nehruvian philosophy, CongressParty, or the Dynasty, but I am from Allahabad and my family was heavily involved in the freedom movement as "garam panthis" not naram panthis like Gandhi/Nehru. We knew the Feroze Gandhi family well. They are Parsis and not Muslim. Make arguments based on truth otherwise even correct arguments can be discredited easily.