Date: 05/06/2013

Jogi’s Lakhma was beaten with shoe by Mahant’s men in Gurgaon where V c Shukla is hospitalized!
By Premendra Agrawal at June 05, 2013 13:18
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Statesman reported on June 4: The political war in Chhattisgarh after the recent Naxal attack has taken a strange turn. A Congress-versus-BJP battle has become a Congress-versus-Congress internecine feud. The party has turned on itself following reports that the National Investigation Agency’s preliminary inquiries point to a Congress hand in the Naxal ambush that led to the death of 27 persons, including top state leaders.

The NIA’s needle of suspicion seems to be pointing at the faction led by former chief minister Ajit Jogi who, along with son Amit, was mysteriously absent when the convoy was ambushed by Naxals on 25 May.

The revelations have sent tempers soaring and Congress workers are now venting their wrath on Jogi loyalists in different parts of the state. They’ve hunted them down, locked them into rooms, beaten them mercilessly with shoes and iron rods, leaving several badly injured.

The fight followed Jogi loyalist and one of the two survivors of the attack, Congress MLA Kawasi Lakhma, to the corridors of the swanky Gurgaon hospital in which V C Shukla is being treated for the four gunshot wounds he sustained. Lakhma turned up to inquire about his condition and there, right outside the ICU in Gurgaon hospital where Shukla was lying, a Congress group led by union minister Charan Das Mahant, now the new state chief, waylaid him and beat him with shoes. There was complete pandemonium in what is supposed to be a silent zone, but the hospital staff did not dare intervene as the two Congress factions tried to settle scores. Later, a bleeding Lakhma was handed over to the police, who were instructed to dump him somewhere near Karnal.

My mother is soft, but I am hard: Rahul Gandhi

Those who accompanied Congress president Sonia Gandhi to Chhattisgarh after the Naxal attack on a Congress convoy were stunned by the depth of her fury. Sonia is known as a composed, polite person. But in Raipur, she lost her cool with everyone, from chief minister Raman Singh to the chief secretary Sunil Kumar and other senior officials to her own party workers. “You are lying,” she is believed to have shouted at Sunil Kumar at one point. And as Raman Singh fumbled with weak explanations for the security lapse that led to the killings, she told him angrily that the Centre had the power to dismiss him “in one minute”, according to someone familiar with the discussions.

She didn’t calm down even at the Congress headquarters in Raipur, where she met surviving state leaders in small groups. Those waiting outside could hear her raised voice through the closed door as she gave vent to her agitation and distress. Perhaps, the killings were a sharp reminder of past tragedies in her life and cut too close to the bone for her to handle with equanimity.

Anti-Jogi Trimurty now hold Congress in Chhattisgarh

On the behest of Digvijay Singh now Charandas Mahant is new president of Congress. Ravindra Chaube and Bhupesh Baghel will assist him.

This shows that even Congress High Command has known that directly or indirectly Congressmen also involved in the Maoists attack in Chhattisgarh. CM Raman Singh immediately accepted that there might be security lapse.

* NIA Found Four Congressmen as Maoists Informant!