Date: 05/06/2013

Preparing for the harvest and Then Divide India

Secular & corrupt Indian media keeps mum.

Last week, Tehelka ran an exhaustive investigation into the US government’s disturbing support to evangelical organisations engaged in church-planting, intelligence gathering and conversions across India.

The story focused on how evangelists, backed by immense financial and technological resources that the right-wing Bush establishment has put at their command, are aggressively targeting the so-called “unreached masses” on the margins of Indian society. Their reach is India-wide but their area of focus is north India. The evangelists also have links with the CIA which poses a great threat to India.

The Bush administration has encouraged Christian faith-based organisations like no other administration before; their conversion campaign runs worldwide but India is a major laboratory —- they are using everything from classical conversion techniques to state-of- the-art technology in their efforts.

Over the years, evangelists have collected detailed ethnographic data from extensive field research in India; it is a data bank that’s more detailed than anything the government of India has. And it is at the disposal of American intelligence agencies.

Among the smartest moves of neo- evangelists was to use the Indian PIN code system to gather and disseminate information. The PIN system also became a handy tool for them to locate clusters of focus and marshal manpower resources.

Over the past decade, foreign missionaries have repeatedly violated the law banning their entry by coming in on tourist visas and carrying on with conversions and church planting.

Movements like AD2000 and Beyond, the Joshua Project and Joshua Project II, have proceeded on detailed blueprints to proselytise and plant churches. And converts have now become zealous converters, prodded on by their American masters. In some areas of north India such as Punjab, entire villages have been converted.

We reassert that Tehelka opposes all religious fundamentalism – Hindu, Islamic or Christianity. Faith is a private matter;