Date: 06/06/2013


The commitment to Akhand Bharat is absolutely vital. Taking advantage of Hindus' weakness and ignorance, the enemy ("Shaitan") felt emboldened to attack, and suddenly captured one third of territory which they called ISLAMIC and did complete ethnic cleansing there.

But TREASON, BETAYAL, LOOT and MASSACRE can never go without punishment for the following reasons:-

It is accepting that the enemy must be rewarded.
It is accepting that separatist, savage and murderous ISLAM is superior to Secularism.

It is a reaction of the coward who said, "I do not want my daughter back who was abducted, raped and converted to Islam.

It is like saying, "Don't provoke the "basta*ds". They will kill us!"

It is like saying, "Aggression pays."
It is like saving one's skin but leaving the mess to the grandchildren to sort out."
It is like encouraging the rascals.

It is like accepting that the Muslim MINORITY is more powerful than the HIndu MAJORITY.
It is like saying, "The robber can keep what he got."
It is accepting that SWORD IS MIGHTIER THAN PEN.
Finally in India's long history she never crossed the border to invade another country but her enemies came continuously & repeatedly without let and hindrance. Even when they were defeated the Hindu nation never pursued them to Mecca, Kabul, Teheran or London. SO THEY CAME AGAIN and again and again. Now the ITALIANS have come while the "home grown" TALIBAN are waiting!

If we wish that they never invade or attack us again, then we have to retaliate & reject that bogus PARTITION that was nothing but AGGRESSION and ATTACK on India by the Muslims.

For our children's safety we MUST RETALIATE fiercely if we want 1947 to count as the LAST time we were attacked, defeated and forced to surrender five provinces unconditionally.

Broken, beaten, defeated, divided, demoralised, dithering, compromising, crippled, corrupt and appeasing Bharat (we mean the rulers and the government, NOT THE PEOPLE!) must stand up on own feet and COUNTER ATTACK resolutely in order to TEACH THEM A LESSON and (NOT "BUY") but ensure peace and prosperity for ever.