Date: 08/06/2013

Subject: CRPF terrorising Niyamgiri hills

7 June 10:28
Dongria tribal women narrating how the CRPF has been terrorising them in the Niyamgiri hills in Odisha in Raygada & Kalahandi dist where Vedanta company has setup its Bauxite refinery and trying to gran the mountain. Facing stiff resistance from the ab-original tribals, the company hand in glove with the Navin Pattnaik led BJD govt. using Armed Forces in the name of Maoist Insurgency to threaten, terrorise the tribals. Also the police is slapping anti-national (sedition) and criminal cases against the tribals. They are beating up people who are visiting forest for their livlihood. Several times these women of Jarpa/ Khambeshi and other villages on the hill slopes have been beaten up mercilessly by the CRPF. In name of Green Hunt and Maoist insurgency, the innocent tribals being hunted down to Industrialize the state... Vedanta company owned by Anil Aggarwal in conjunction with the Nabin Pattnaik led govt are the sponsorers of terror in the state, to militarise the mining areas and provide protection to the mining companies who are sharing their fortune with the political leaders.