Date: 10/06/2013

Muslims in Europe

Muslims in The US.

I wish to know the reaction of the Many Hinduism Champions and Lovers about this danger!!

On Tue, Jun 4, 2013 at 5:23 AM, XXXXXXXXXXXXX wrote:

LET US BE SERIOUS about our next generations and our country of birth or domicile, if these are still enjoying freedoms and choices as in Europe and America (though dwindling there, too.)

Frank and raw question: "If the savage way of life of the 7th. century wild murderous Beduines of the Arabian desert is allowed to go on spreading on earth like thorny cactus through over reproduction, multi-marriages, secuction, abduction and forced conversions of non Muslims and if their "tableegh" goes on unchecked and unhindered then how will it all end?

And what if the NON MUSLIMS start getting worried, then angry, jittery and afraid, and finally choose the Muslims' "ENDLOESUNG" as the best solution, as it happened to the Jews during the NAZI regime in Europe?

If it is all going to end in CIVIL WAR or GAS CHAMBERS then should we, with lives at stake, not discuss the solution to the looming nightmare?

Or, do we wish to perish like the HINDUS and SIKHS during 1947 in Pakistan?

4 June 13.