Date: 11/06/2013

Response received from discerning readers on the mail "SHAME, DISGRACE, DISHONOUR & HUMILIATION" (in the subject line), forwarded for information.
I hate the ungrateful Hindu rascals who are more self-centred than any other race in the world.

Shameless people who do not have the guts even to protest.

Thank you for your moving e-mail about the savage manner of murder of Capt Kalia while in enemy custody. He was butchered according to the Islamic "Geneva Convention" called the KORAN. India's First Lady and the Supreme Commander would both be totally IGNORANT of the contents of the book.

You are fully justified to write "SHAME, DISGRACE, DISHONOUR & HUMILIATION" in the subject line above!

Our misfortune is not only the neglect and betrayal of the army and the lack of guts of each and every Supreme Commander and Member of Parliament, but also the abundance of treachery and treason AT THE HIGHEST LEVELS.

For India to redeem her honour the supine HINDU nation has to erect a LIFE SIZE statue of Capt Kalia right in front of No.10, Janpath, New Delhi, where Italian MAFIA have established their permanent domicile in Bharat.

A tall statue of Shivaji Maharaj, too, deserves to be erected in front of Rashtrapati Bhawan, New Delhi.

The statue of Gen Hari Singh Nalwa, who inflicted a crushing defeat on the Afghans and took India’s frontier forward to KHYBER Pass, and beyond, is also overdue by 66 years. The reconstruction of our historic Temple in Ayodhya is overdue by four hundred and eighty-five (485) years.

In contrast, the Sikhs reconstructed their holiest shrine in Amritsar from the burning, smouldering, ruins due to the malicious army assault in June 1984, in less than 485 hours, and “dispatched” the profane pro-Islamic Prime Minister, too! The brave Hindu nation will, one day, raise the Memorial to their memory, too.

There is a LOT of Hindu valour, courage and patriotism in Bharat and we do not have to look at ourselves through the eyes of the “bandits, “chors” and “thugs” to whom we are not worth defending even in Srinagar.